Thursday, March 31, 2011

My DIY Decor


IMG_7894       IMG_6231       IMG_5011
              Ping Pong Ball Lights                                     Mod Podge Photo Transfer                                  Coffee Filter Wreath

IMG_3313       IMG_2565       IMG_1121
             Rustic Wall Art                                            Wooden Lantern Tutorial                                Springtime Centerpiece

IMG_0016       IMG_0482       IMG_0006_thumb[1]
                   My Free Day                                                Colander Sink Light                                       Chevron Lamp Shade     

IMG_8891_thumb[1]       IMG_8325_thumb1       IMG_8298_thumb[1]       
              DIY Photo Display                                             Old Wooden Toolbox                                        Wooden Bird Box

IMG_8206_thumb[1]       IMG_6812_thumb[1]       IMG_6491_thumb[1]     
            Photo Shadow Box                                                 DIY Wall Art                                            Lamp & Quilt Set Tutorial

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Gardens


IMG_1970       IMG_1815       IMG_3819_thumb[1]

         Through the Garden Gate                                       Thrifty Sun Filter                                           Sixty Minute Arbor


IMG_8901_thumb[1]       IMG_4422_thumb[4]       IMG_4108_thumb[10]

                  Bloom Force                                                Old Pump Music                                            Spring Garden Walk



                 Garden Music

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Seasonal Decor


IMG_4166       IMG_1670

                     Summer Mantle                                  2015 Christmas Home Tour

IMG_1683       IMG_1732       IMG_1810

               Pumpkin Snowmen                                         Christmas Boxwood                                        Mod-podge Snowballs

IMG_0429       IMG_0455       IMG_1710

                Thrifty Fall Mantle                                            Autumn Home                                                 Twig Reindeer

IMG_4835       IMG_4700_thumb       IMG_4474

             O' Lil' Christmas Tree                                 Simple DIY Christmas Décor                                  Thrifty Fall Tablescape


IMG_3853       IMG_0193       IMG_0129_thumb1      

                  Thrifty Fall Décor                                         Christmas Twig Tree                                Simple Christmas Decorations


IMG_0134_thumb[1]       IMG_0035_thumb[1]       IMG_7618_thumb[7]

             Winter 2013 Mantle                                                Snow Globes                                             Frosty the Snowman



             Country Christmas