Thursday, April 21, 2011

Paint Makeovers


   IMG_1939      IMG_2349 

          Annie Sloan Paint Makeover                                     Island Makeover


  IMG_1097      IMG_8036     IMG_1212

        Paint and Glaze Cabinet Makeover                         Folding Chair Makeover                              DIY Marble Countertops


IMG_4628       IMG_3410       IMG_3390

           Card Table Set Makeover                                Secretary Desk Makeover                                Crackling with Elmer's Glue


IMG_1464       IMG_3768[4]       IMG_3310[4]

             Whitewashed Wood                                            A Little Chair Makeover                           My Sister's Kitchen Makeover


IMG_2307_thumb1       IMG_8978       IMG_8323_thumb[1]

             Dining Set Makeover                                Paint and Glaze Cabinet Tutorial                       Upholstered Chair Makeover    


IMG_8238_thumb[1]       IMG_7592_thumb[5]       IMG_6057_thumb[1] 

                Hutch Makeover                                         Kitchen Chair Makeover                                       Chair Makeover


996[4]       IMG_2998_thumb[1]      

              Cabinet Makeover                                            Dream In Color

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