Sunday, October 12, 2014

An Earthly Heaven

It was hard for me to find the right words to describe Cades Cove, Tennessee. I can really go on and on about beautiful and serene places I’ve seen, but this has to be the topper. If you ever get the chance to visit Cades Cove, don’t hesitate. I’m sure there are other places in the world filled with magnificent beauty, but for me, I find a connection, almost a divine connection here in this cove.

Earlier this summer I had the privilege of spending time in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee with  hubby, the boys, my parents, and my sis & her family. This was the first time I got to see Cades cove. I of course, took lots of pictures as we walked through some of the old homesteads, reminiscing about the old days. We slowly drove through the seven mile long drive that loops through the cove. Most of the time I was almost in a daze with the beauty that surrounded us. I told my family that if I ever run away, this is probably where they can find me. Smile I don’t believe they were too worried.


Let me begin by somehow offering a brief description, if possible, of the setting, and of course, sharing some pictures, which still don’t do justice compared with actually being there.

Jumping back a little, this week I was blessed with the privilege of again being in this beautiful land of the Smokies. My sis, niece, and I are spending about five days down here doing some hiking.



As I write this, I am on the seventh floor of a motel with a raging river flowing directly beside it in the heart of Gatlinburg. I owe it to sis for making this possible, and to my wonderful hubby for, even though it didn’t work for him to take off from his schedule to go, he allowed me to, and to my mom for helping to make sure the boys make it to school & seeing to their needs while daddy was at work… thank you!!


Now, back to the cove… as much as I love majestic mountain views, clear mountain streams, and the wildness of the mountain wilderness, which I could rave about for awhile, I need to share the quiet serenity of Cades Cove with you..




Upon entering Cades cove, you will see a field of horses peacefully grazing in the meadow. I believe there is a riding stable close by and they use this meadow to allow the horses to be out.

There’s something about these meadows being surrounded by mountains that just makes everything so peaceful and tranquil.








This week, as we drove through the loop, we saw an abundance of deer, a bear, a coyote, among the usual wildlife such as squirrels, chipmunks, etc.

Towards the end of the drive is my favorite place, where I would choose to reside in the cove. It is called the Peter Cable house. It seems to me that they had heaven on earth, living there, years ago. I mean waking up to those mountains and the sounds and smells of that area had to have been paradise!






I would have a couple of horses grazing in the meadow by the barn and maybe a few cows and sheep.

Behind the barn, there’s a couple of trees that caught my eye. Perhaps there would be a swing hanging from one of them for the boys. Smile




Here’s the view these people had from their front porch…




I realize things probably weren’t rosy for these people most of the time but I sure hope they appreciated where they were. I hope they took early morning walks in the mountains and spend some afternoons sitting on a blanket under a shade tree, drinking lemonade or tea, or whatever they drank in that era.

The other home sites in the cove are also very peaceful and tranquil, but for some reason this Peter Cable place just stole my heart!


I did manage to get some pictures and a video of a bear in the distance…














Again, I feel pictures can’t capture how it is to actually be there,but hopefully you get a little taste of the awesomeness of this place!


I hope you enjoyed the tour of this earthly paradise and are inspired to visit this place someday, if you haven’t already, or if you’re like me to just continue to go whenever the opportunity arrives!



Friday, October 3, 2014

Thrifty Fall Decor

Fall… what a beautiful season… from the  colorfulness of the leaves to the chirping of crickets everywhere, all the senses are bound to be touched.

Today I brought fall into our home, using as much from nature itself as I could.

I felt like a pioneer as I gathered acorns, sticks and leaves.

I used popcorn kernels, burlap and even toilet paper!


I got this idea for pumpkins off of pinterest.




For each “pumpkin” you need one roll of toilet paper (the softer, the better), four strips of burlap, cut 2”x Around 54”

Two of the strips I frayed the edges, saving those for last.

I  wrapped the burlap around the toilet paper. As I started a new strip, I just tucked the end of the other one underneath the new one.






After all the strips were wrapped around the roll, I stuck a stick in it for the stem.


I painted the number 5 on an old end table top I had around here, stuck some branches in a jar and made a “thankful” banner. I also used some acorns and popcorn kernels and put them in a jar with a candle…




For the banner, I used a free printable from this site:




I used burlap as the backing for the triangles…




This morning, as I went through town, I thought about stopping here or there for something to decorate the mantle with, but each time I thought, no, I’ll use something I already have, or make something, and now I’m so glad I did! It’s such a good feeling knowing that I spent hardly anything on this display. It sure is nothing uppity or fancy but it fits in with the rest of our home!








Happy fall, everyone and God bless!