Sunday, October 16, 2011

My entryway bench


I created this entryway bench spending nearly nothing! The two old doors I got for free and the seat came from an old bench that my parents left here when we got this place. I cut out a section of the bench and took off the legs. From a piece of scrap plywood I sawed out sides and tried to curve them using the jigsaw like some old deacon’s bench. (not perfect, believe me!) This bench has really served it’s purpose though,in our entrance. A much needed place to hang coats & sweaters and it provides a space to store baskets to keep backpacks, books, etc. in. And, of course, a place to sit down for a spell!






Looking closer you can see that the finish is crackled. At one time I had it painted a solid black and this summer I decided to go with white. I thought it would give the entrance area a lighter, more welcoming feeling. Before painting the bench white, I applied a crackle glue to some areas. I didn’t spread it evenly over everything so it would look more naturally worn.




How I love old knobs and hinges!!






I use an antique chamber pot as a candle holder for the Swan Creek candles I buy. ( the only kind!!) Gingerbread is my favorite scent. I get them at a local store in Berlin called Olde Thyme Homespun.








I think these baskets could stand to be painted another color. Especially if they continue to turn  orangish.




Just recently I added the wording above the hooks. I’m not quite sure they look right to me but I spent some time on them so I should leave then there for a while. At least I know I can always hang something over it or - who knows, maybe just paint the whole bench another color…? I’m kidding, I think!