Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dream In Color

Paint is one of the greatest ways to bring a facelift to any room. It is also one of the least costly ways. It is an enjoyable job for me to paint for people simply to bring a new look into one’s life. I know how it feels to walk into a room in my own house and experience happiness in loving what I see. I will share some pics of a few of the houses I’ve done. In the future,  I want to post some painting tips that I have learned along the way and hopefully get some of you painters to share too!
Following are some more before and afters:
summer 2010 006
summer 2010 131
summer 2010 132
summer 2010 137
summer 2010 136
Like I said, these are only a few of paint jobs I’ve done and hopefully I can inspire you to think of giving your house a makeover!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Living Room Makeover


Finally I finished redoing the living room! It seems like I’ve been working on it forever because I had to work on it between paint jobs. (which is keeping me very busy right now!) I still have some things I want to work on but for now we are enjoying a new look. When I was growing up and this house was brand new the living room looked like this:

old kit.

A grainy picture but you can tell what the decorating trend was back then. And blue was in! After we moved into this house, we put in a floating floor that had an old look to it. I painted the walls a neutral tan and one wall I painted red.




This worked for about five years and then I got tired of all the drab darkish colors.




The old desk here was handed down from Jon’s dad. When we got it, it was literally yellow-orange! I instantly set about to painting it. (with Jon’s permission, of course- like he had a choice!) He really liked it then, after it got the facelift. I was also very bothered with the “orange” trim, as you can see. This was the last room in the house with the original stained trim. It had to go!



This is how it looked at one time. I ended up spray painting the window frames. It did take longer to do all the masking than the actual spraying! I also had a white layer of paint dust throughout the house but it was worth it and I’m so glad it’s done!

Now the after:






Let’s see, where to start… first I painted all the trim. Next I painted the walls. The brown color is Do it best brand called barley hops, which I love! It’s such a warm, inviting color, I think. The other two walls have a story to tell, which I won’t get into too much. Let’s just say the first color I applied (tradewind teal, it was called) resided here for about a week. A good thing I like to paint! I ended up with a color called totally teal which we all like.




I made slip covers for the sofa and recliner. The fabric I got at a local fabric store (Zincks). It was on sale for 80 cents a yard! It was a lot easier to make the covers than what I thought it would be. They are far from perfect but will do for now.




This “hook” board I made using an old piece of wood I found in the shop. The knobs came off of old doors I’ve collected over the years.




The hammock swing used to be on the front porch but was no longer in use since we have the other swing so I thought it would be neat in the living room for now. During the summer we use the back door more so it might be a little crowded with it there.




This cabinet I made using a little of every kind of wood in the shop. (some warped and some full of nails) The doors are a treasure that I found in someones field! I was told that I can go through any of the wood piles from an old house someone tore down and pick out anything I want.(dream come true for me-nightmarish for Jon) I needed the trailer to haul some of it and had to ask for Jon’s help. (Maybe someday I’ll gather the nerve to take it myself) I knew right away when I spotted the doors partially buried under weeds and wood that I would make some sort of a cabinet with them. Jon only remarked why I would want something that is half rotten? He does grudgingly admit now that they were worth saving.




I painted the cupboard a charcoal color and distressed it. I also applied a few coats of varnish. The little old fashioned latch was also a must!




This corner of the living room I had a hard time with and am still not completely pleased with it, though it’ll have to do for now. The rocker was also on the porch and is nicely weathered. The little stand is the first piece of furniture I ever worked with. It used to be a five drawer bureau and about ten years ago I took the skilsaw to it. (the first time I ever operated a power saw) I’ve been hooked since. I remember Jon came home that evening and couldn’t believe I still had all my fingers! Anyway, the picture I bought recently at Peter Graham Dunn on sale for $34.00.




I added beadboard to the back of the desk to give it a little character.




The coffee table is also a piece of furniture that experienced the wrath of the skilsaw. I cut off the legs to shorten. I also made covers for the cushions on the sofa using discount fabric. I’d still like to add more accents here and there that are the color of the teal walls. Jon came home from work one day with the white door behind the sofa. I only had to distress it a little and it was ready to display! The wire basket underneath the coffee table came out of our freezer, I think.




I’m always open to any ideas or tips to make something look it’s best so feel free to share any advice! Have a great day!