Tuesday, May 24, 2011



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                    2016 Vintage Fair                                 Vintage Wedding Decorations


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              Blue Faced Zombie                                           February Projects                                               My Book


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              Greenleaf Gardens                                  The Upper Peninsula of Michigan                               2015 Nature Fest

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                      Linda's Home                                          2015 Vintage Fair                                               Create a Home


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            Springtime Musings                                            An Earthly Heaven                               Holmes County Garden Tour 2014


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           Vintage, Greens & more                                     Wild and Wonderful                                              Hello Spring


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             What I've been up to                                         Paradise Gardens                                              The Last Ride


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                  Junky Finds                                             Amish Country Strawberries                                    Just a Swingin'


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            Country Wedding Décor                                Summer Morning Smiles


  1. We just bought your book, Mary. We like your material & style! Wishing you all the best,

    Mark & Salome Oliver

  2. I am looking for your video on making your porch swing,love the look of it!