Thursday, March 31, 2016

My Book





As I type, I am in awe. I can’t believe this is really happening! My book is actually being printed as I speak!

After spending A LOT of time on designing this book and clearing many hurdles on trying to get it in print, I finally found someone who is able to print and bind a book the way I envisioned. Holmes Printing Solutions is doing such a great job and they are super to work with! They have been extremely helpful and have provided very prompt service. Not once have I felt like “just another number to move through and get out of the way.” I could continue to gush here but I think you get the picture!

My goal while writing/designing this book was to inspire people to use what they have and create what they want, while not spending a lot of money doing so. My sub title pretty much says it all:

Thrifty, do it yourself ideas to turn any house into
a home using a shoestring budget.

I tried to keep any tutorials & tips simple and easy to understand.

There are five parts to this book. Following is a glimpse inside the book…

Part 1 is “Our Home” where I give you a tour of our home, along with page numbers where you can turn to for instructions on how I made various things throughout our home.

part 1

Part 2 is called “Paint Passion” where I share various painting techniques that have worked for me over the years.

part 2part 22

Part 3 is “creating signs,” which is all about different ways of applying graphics to wood, fabric and more.

part 3part 32

Part 4 is “furniture creations & makeovers”

part 4part 42

And last, part 5 is “random projects”

part 5

 I set up a little “store”, powered by Ecwid, along the right sidebar, almost at the top of my blog, for you to order a book.

I will also be doing a few book signings this spring, so watch for those. And you can be sure I will carry a box of these books with me where ever I go, so don’t be afraid to contact me directly to get a book!

The book has a soft cover and measures 8x10 inches. It has 144 color pages.

I like to think you won’t be disappointed!

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  1. Mary,

    Congratulations it looks beautiful!


  2. Congratulations! You are amazing!!!

  3. Congratulations so happy for you. Always love you work !

  4. Congratulations so happy for you. Always love you work !

  5. Congratulations on publishing a book! I plan to go right from here and order one!

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  7. Mary, so happy for your "dream come true".....
    God bless, Mary k.

  8. Good morning Mary! My sister from Montana wants a copy of your book. Can I buy it in a local store or do I come to your house? I'd like to avoid shipping since I live right here :) Thanks!