Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Autumn Skies and Pumpkin Pies

Here I am posting about Fall and it seems like the season is over with already! How does one keep up? I had a crazy busy late summer and Fall with the vintage fair in October and it seems ever since I’ve been trying to catch up.

Here are a few belated pictures of my booth. I had a lot of fun and pretty much a sell out, which I’m always thankful for! I appreciate everyone who comes!






I know a month has gone by and it seems a bit late to be posting pictures of the event but since I didn’t get it done sooner this will have to do.

I added a few autumn touches in our home this year..





I know these little Rosemary plants are more on the Christmas side but I couldn’t resist when I saw them at Lowes a few weeks ago. I know they get harder to find as the Christmas season approaches so I thought I better get them while they are there.


I kept the mantle very simple and natural this year..




I did manage to capture a few outdoor pictures before all the leaves were gone from the trees..



Downtown Marietta. Love the historic town with the river running through it!

I still have a few of these table runners available on my Etsy shop. I thought they would be fitting for a Thanksgiving table setting..


Hopefully it won’t go this long for my next post as it was for this one! I apologize for the lateness.

I hope you are all having a wonderful Fall season! Thanks for visiting!


Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Tray Tables makeover

Colorful leaves floating in the air, deep blue skies, crickets, crisp air and apple cider are just a few beautiful things about autumn. I love this time of the year and wish it would hang around a bit longer!

I am especially enjoying this nice weather we are having since it’s perfect to work outside on the many makeovers I have going on all the time.

You all are probably about tired of these posts all the time but I wanted to share a few more before Friday, the big day of the Farmhouse Fair, in hopes of tempting you to come. :)

My mom found these TV trays or little folding tables at a garage sale and knew it was something I’d want..


Pardon the clutter in the background. :/ The reason I am always so attracted to these little tables is because we love the few we have floating around our home. They are so handy to set up quickly as an end table or even as a place to set a laptop. We have also used them as nightstands. They are just that right size to tuck away, yet easy to get and put to use.


These of course, were screaming paint me! I don’t especially like this yellowish color.

The first thing I did was take the tops off since I knew I wanted the legs a different color than the tops. I painted the legs black, using my trusty sprayer.

I’m not sure what it is with me, but I’m liking some black again. Not too much, but just a touch. I like the combination of stained wood and black so that is what I went with for these.

I didn’t get any pictures of this but I also cut some grooves into the tops with the table saw. I had to set the blade way down and remove the guard in order to do this. I think grooves of any sort give a piece that farmhouse flair.

After the grooves were cut in, I gave the tops a coat of stain. I can’t tell you what color the stain was since the label wasn’t on the can anymore. I’d guess a dark honey color. I applied this using a rag and rubbing some of it off.

Now the fun part of applying some more character with the greatest invention ever, the Silhouette Cameo..

Getting to the point here is the before again, followed by the after..







Sorry to bombard you with pictures like this but I like to play around with different lightings and angles..




Anyway, I imagine if these lil tables don’t get adopted into a new home, I shall keep them for myself. :)

I hope you enjoyed this before and after show and are inspired to give a new look to a piece instead of discarding it!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!


Monday, October 2, 2017

Changing Table to Coffee Bar Makeover

I am so excited for the Holiday Farmhouse Show coming up this Friday! My booth will be smaller than the spring one, but hopefully people can find something to take home.

Although the fair is a holiday fair, I can’t seem to get into the Christmas mode. My booth will be decked out in Fall splendor. Fall is my favorite season to decorate so I’ll be in my glory getting my booth ready!

Now, for the makeover at hand..

I snagged this changing table for free at a garage sale this summer!


The moment I saw it I envisioned an island or a possibly a coffee bar. Hubby looked a bit doubtful as we loaded it into our already full vehicle but he didn’t complain. :)


It even had a neat little bin on wheels that would make a great trash can.

First I removed the railing..


I wiped the piece with Krud Kutter which is a liquid sandpaper. I then applied a white satin paint with my sprayer. After that was dry, I distressed the edges and gave the piece a coat of Polycrylic, again using my sprayer.

I went through my stash of old barn wood and picked out a few pieces for the top. I added the coffee sign using my trusty Sihouette Cameo.

So, here is the after..





The lighting was a bit hard to work with when taking these pics so I tried a few different angles.





This piece will be available at the fair on Friday..

Hope to see you there!


Sunday, September 17, 2017

Paint and Glaze Nightstand Makeover

Happy Monday, everyone! This is a very short post on two nightstands I painted last week..

Hubby found these for a reasonable price at a garage sale he went past a few weeks ago. (he knows my heart :) )



As you can see, they are in very good shape, they just need some paint in my opinion.:)

I gave them a coat of white Do It Best brand paint in satin. I applied this with my sprayer.

After that was nice and dry, I glazed them. I used Valspar’s antiquing wax.


I used a bristle brush to brush it onto the stand, one section at a time, and rubbed it off with a rag. Since these stands have a lot of extra moldings, it gave the wax a place to settle in, adding character. I also applied the antiquing wax to the tops and didn’t wipe it off. It gave them a nice dark color and still allowed the grain of the wood to show through..




Little miss Pebbles always knows when to show her sweet self, even if it’s in a photo bomb form. :)


I painted both stands the same so they would make a nice match for a bedroom or living room. They will be available in the up coming Holiday Farmhouse Show by Walnut Creek Vintage Fair.

I’ve also been working some on scrolls, which I plan to have at the fair, weather permitting.




I hope you all have a great week! Thanks for visiting my blog!


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

IKEA Dining Set Makeover

Garage saling is my favorite and most productive method of snagging furniture to repurpose. There’s no better feeling in the bargain hunting world than spotting a piece as you walk up to a garage sale that you know has lots of potential and then seeing an awesome price on it!

Hubby enjoys this as well and he’s a fun partner to go with to spend a day searching for bargains. A month or so ago we spent a few days down in Columbus doing just that. Unfortunately the truck wasn’t available at the time so we resorted to our SUV. Let me just say it was filled to the brim. If it wasn’t for hubby’s strategic stacking I would never have gotten this amount home. 

IMG_20170804_110233959                  IMG_20170804_110226295_HDR

As you can see in the above right picture you see a glimpse of today’s feature, all squeezed in!

Here are a few before pictures..

IMG_20170904_151254708_HDR       IMG_20170904_151312769

Judging by how they look, I would say someone painted the IKEA set black and later used the pieces as a surface to lay something down that was being painted white. A fairly messy set, but that’s what made it cheap! :)

After a bit of sanding, cleaning, and painting, the set didn’t look like the same furniture! I used my usual technique of air spraying with my trusty sprayer. I always water the paint down to run more smoothly through the sprayer. The paint is also my usual, Do It Best, from Ormes hardware. I got a satin base and my favorite color, Spectral.

After the paint was dry, I distressed the edges, bringing some of that black out. I also added numbers to the backs for added character.

Now, for the end result..






This set will be available at the up coming Farmhouse Fair on Oct. 6th. Mark your calendars, you all..It will be fun! :)

Here is a quick preview of some of the projects I will be working on in the next few weeks..


Hope to see you all there! Thanks for visiting my blog and have a great day!