Monday, June 20, 2016

Makeover Monday 9


I can’t believe the vintage fair is only five days away! I have had so much fun getting ready for it and I’m almost sad to think that it will be over with soon. It is about time for me to think of something else though, such as my neglected flower beds or our hurriedly cleaned house of late. :/

Todays post will be featuring some items again that will be in the fair on Saturday. I will share some before and after pics of them..

First is an ugly looking cart/stand that I picked up for $5 at Goodwill. I’m not sure what it was used for in it’s previous life, but there was a spring loaded shelf in it, which I removed and turned the piece into a possible coffee table? Toy box? This is one of my favorite pieces that will be for sale on Saturday. I have a hard time parting with some of these items, but our house is only so big. :)

Check it out..



A few more pieces…












To see some more vintage fair details, keep checking my porchswings n’ honeysuckle facebook page this week. Unfortunately Facebook changed some things and when I post on that page, the posts don’t show up on everyone’s timeline like they used to, so you need to visit my page to see the latest. :/ (super annoying)

Have a great week everyone!



Monday, June 13, 2016

French Country Coffee Table


Once again, I was lucky the other day to stumble upon a coffee table at a local thrift store for a decent price. The glass was missing in the middle, so who would want it anyway?


I sanded it down and used my sprayer to apply the paint. The color is a nice shade of blue called Nantucket Blue.



I made a piece for the middle out of pallet wood and painted it white.


I printed out french typography from The Graphics Fairy and transferred it onto the boards using parchment paper.


After placing the boards into the coffee table top and giving the table a coat of polycrylic, it was finished..




This table will be at the fair June 25th.

I will try and keep you posted on my vintage fair booth details in the next week or so. Am looking forward to seeing you there!

Visit The Walnut Creek vintage fair’s facebook page for more details.

Thanks for visiting!


Monday, June 6, 2016

Makeover Monday –Tea cart


Todays makeover makes me think about garden tea. There is nothing more refreshing on a summer day than a glass of cold garden tea. Everyone in this family loves it so we can barely keep enough in the fridge. Thankfully our tea garden is doing quite well this year. In fact, it’s producing more than we can use. I like to keep it trimmed down so it grows out fresh all the time.


I’m sure many of you have made tea already, but I will share a brief method on how I make it before going on to the tea cart.

I cut off what ever amount I need, just guessing I imagine filling the kettle I’ll use to cook it, about full. I’m the type that doesn’t bother sorting and washing it too much. I check it for bugs and give it a quick rinse.

I heat a kettle of water to boiling. Turning the burner to low, I put the tea in, stems and all. I like to keep the water hot for 15 to 20 minutes, but not boiling. It has occasionally boiled, so don’t panic if it does. It doesn’t ruin the tea, it just seems unhealthy to boil it too much and it may taste a little extra strong. I usually turn the burner off after 15 to 20 minutes and leave it set for another half hour or so. I can usually tell by the color of the tea when it’s ready.

I pour the tea into a large jar and add sugar to sweeten it. When pouring it into the jar, I run it through a cloth to make sure no dirt or pieces of leaves gets into the tea.


After it’s cooled it’s ready to drink! Oh and it’s best when it’s enjoyed outside amongst the summer breeze, the birds and a good book!



Now, on to this ugly tea cart that I rescued earlier this year from a house that was about to be demolished…


Pretty homely looking, right?

I gave the frame part a coat of hammered gray paint.



I wanted the word “TEA” stenciled onto the top tray but unfortunately it didn’t go quite as planned. :(

I cut out letters and taped them to the center of the tray. I thought I’d see how it looks with brown letters, the original color of the tray.


I then painted the tray an aqua color. After taking the letters off, (which I had taped on with double stick tape) I saw that the brown wasn’t going to work with the gray and aqua. I then used masking tape and outlined the letters, allowing me to paint the letters. I covered up the rest of the tray and painted the letters white. This all sounds fairly quick & easy but trust me, it took so much more time than I would have liked.


Again, the before…


The after…



It’s amazing what paint can do, isn’t it? :) The cart will also be at the vintage fair June 25th, as are most of the makeovers I’m posting these days. I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

I hope you all have a great week! Thanks for visiting!


Sunday, May 29, 2016

Makeover Monday 6 – Polyshade Makeover


I can hardly wait to share this makeover with you! I feet I made a break through with discovering a new product that did wonders to a piece of furniture! Maybe it’s nothing new to some of you, but for me it was.

As I type I’m almost twelve hours away from home, at Hilton Head, SC. Hubby, the boys and I came down here with a load of furniture that we hauled for someone and decided to stay an extra day. Unfortunately it has rained most of the time. Though the rain is a nice warm rain, it did hinder us from having beach time. We got to explore some shops and of course have spent a lot of quality time as a family traveling for hours together.


Nobody did anything strange, such as chewing tobacco or mannerlessly feeding their face with cotton candy.


(Read the label carefully before reporting us!)


Then there’s always the bubble blower..


As the rain started to move in, we were blessed to see a double rainbow in the mountains. I wasn’t able to get both of them in the picture, but you can see the beauty of one of them..


Okay, enough of our travels and back to the makeover.

I had the privilege of working with a family heirloom that is dated way back to the 1800s! The beautiful old cupboard needed to be renewed and I admit I was a bit nervous to try something new with it, but it ended up turning out great then!

This is the product I did a little research on and ended up using on the hutch.


The product can be used over old stain, without removing it. I tried to pick out a color that was close to the original. The name “honey” sounds like a light brown color, but this ended up being one of the product’s darkest colors.

Here is a picture of the piece before I did anything with it..


I sanded the cupboard down, to remove any dirt and peeling finish.

I then began to apply the stain using a bristle brush.


I am so impressed with this product! It did a great job of renewing the piece and it wasn’t difficult to accomplish.

The after..


The hutch is made of various types of wood, which adds character to the piece. The bottom right door is naturally worn on the top left corner from people taking a hold of it to open it because of a missing latch. It’s so neat to think of all the stories this piece could tell!


This inside still has it’s original vintagey green color, which I love!


I am grateful to my friend/neighbor for trusting me to work on this piece! I love trying new things with paints and stains and have already used this product on my own makeovers.

So if you have an old piece, or any piece of furniture that you want the grain still showing and don’t want to go through the tedious and smelly process of stripping it, I would definitely recommend Polyshades, by Minwax.



Friday, May 20, 2016

Makeover Monday 5


We have a local thrift store that just recently moved to a new location across the street from where they were. The day I stopped in was their grand opening day, which I hadn’t realized when I turned into their parking lot. I soon found out. After finally managing to find a parking spot, I hesitantly walked in. I have never seen a thrift store so full of people! I almost walked right back out but my curiosity drove me on. Some of the aisles literally had a line you had to stand in to walk through. Anyway, I did find some great bargains so it was well worth the chaos.

I found this coffee table and instantly claimed it.


I wasn’t fond of the basket weave drawers, so I tore that off, along with the trim around them.


I made my own chalk paint for this piece. I used un-sanded grout to make it.

If you have my book, you will find the recipe in there, along with two other recipes using plaster of paris and calcium carbonate.

I gave the table two coats of chalk paint and topped it with a new product I absolutely love called bowling alley wax.


I also covered the drawer fronts with contact paper and trimmed them with thin strips of wood.

Here is the after..



I love how smooth the surface feels with the wax on it.


Again the before and after..



Never overlook an ugly old piece of furniture. It may have potential!

This table will also be at the vintage fair, as will most of the makeovers I have been posting.

Happy Monday!


Saturday, May 14, 2016

Makeover Monday 4


I am becoming so excited for the Walnut Creek Vintage Fair 2016! It will be held on June 25th from 7-4 in the parking lot of Walnut Creek Furniture. This year they are planning on having all the vendors under a big tent, which I’m so excited about! For those of you that remember how last year’s fair day ended up being the most rainy day of the summer, this is certainly a great thing. No more wading through mud and water with umbrellas bumping against things. For the vendors, no more collapsing tents and the worry of things being ruined or blowing away!

My days until the 25th will be filled with doing one of my favorite things.. creating and repurposing! Finally I’m all caught up with paint jobs and am free to wander through the shop thinking of what I’m in the mood to work on in preparation for the vintage fair.

Following are a few pictures of my booth in 2014 and 2015.

Sunny 2014…



Rainy 2015…

IMG_7076  IMG_7083

IMG_7079  IMG_7108

Of course you can’t tell by the pictures above what all was going on outside the tent, but trust me, it was a bit nightmarish!

Now, on to the Monday makeover..

I picked up this little black end table at a thrift store..


First I painted the top white..


As I waited for the top to dry, I printed out a design I liked from google images to make some stencils with..


I cut out two of them so I could dry one, while using the other.

I eyed the top of the table to find the middle and began there.


I used a gray color to fill in the design. I moved the stencils from one end to the next so I wouldn’t be working on wet paint. I also turned a fan on the paint so it would dry more quickly.

After painting the rest of the table in gray, it was done!

The after..





This little table will be sold at the vintage fair, so would it look good in your house? :)

Happy Monday!