Monday, October 17, 2016

Deer Sign Tutorial


I can hardly believe that I’m sitting outside in the dark on October 17th, typing this blog post! It’s a very pleasant 71 degrees,with a slight breeze going, and crickets singing on high. What awesome weather we are having!

Last week I made a sign that someone ordered for her boyfriend, who is a hunter.

I haven’t shared a sign tutorial in a while so I thought I would share this one.

It started out as a plain piece of maple wood..


I applied a dark stain, using a bristle brush. I rubbed some of the stain off before it dried, using an old t-shirt. I did this in sections.

After the stain was dry, I sanded the piece, to get the color a little lighter. I planned to use black paint for the letters that would go over the stain and wanted that to show up.


IMG_6234   IMG_6237

                       Before sanding                                                             After sanding


Next I found a silhouette of a deer that I downloaded and enlarged, using Microsoft Office Word. I played around with it until I had it the size I wanted. It ended up being six pieces of paper.

I taped it together and cut it out. This was my stencil. 



I used double stick tape to tape it down and since I used my sprayer to apply the paint, I put stones along the edges of the deer so the paint wouldn’t creep underneath the stencil.



I then sanded the sign, especially around the edges.


Next I was ready to print out the letters. I played around until I had the right size. The font style I used is called Segoe Print.



I taped down all the letters and measured everything, to make sure I spaced it evenly.

I traced the letters using carbon paper to transfer.



I used yellow carbon paper for the letters that were on the stained part. It showed up much better than the black.



Before painting the letters, I stood back and eyed the sign, making sure everything looked evenly spaced. 


I used a paint marker to color the letters.


And the final result..



Of all the techniques I have used in making signs, this is still the one that will turn out best for me. It takes a little more time, but it is usually worth it!

I hope you are all having a lovely fall. Thanks for visiting!


Thursday, October 6, 2016

Headboard Bench


“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”
- Albert Camus

I think I use the above quote on my blog every year around this time. I like it because it’s so true and I like the fact that the word “spring” is in the same sentence as autumn. Kind of like an assurance that spring is indeed around the corner, though a distance away yet. :/

Last week I made a bench out of a head and foot board of an old twin sized bed that I want to share with you.

The person I did it for saw the boards at a garage sale for a few dollars and like me, saw potential in someone else’s “junk” so she bought them.  :)


The one section was cut in half and I cut both pieces down to the size I wanted the sides to be, depth-wise. I did this using a skilsaw since I couldn’t lay the pieces flat on the chop saw, because of the posts.


I didn’t get a lot of pictures taken as I put it together but it’s pretty simple, just drilling holes and fastening with screws.



For the seat, I cut a board the size I needed and fastened it to the bottom boards. I also added a skirt along the front for added stability and it looks better with that on..


After a coat of paint, this was the result..






It makes you want to grab a good book and a glass of iced tea, doesn’t it? :)


Thanks for visiting and have a great day!


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

2016 Fall Home Tour


I’ve been doing some fall decorating in our home the last while, just whenever I have a minute. I like to use naturals when decorating. There’s nothing more rewarding than being able to bring the outdoors inside and seeing mother nature’s glory displayed. Oh, and it costs less too. :)

For our table I wanted greenery displayed with apples and candles. I knew this creeping sedum would last awhile before wilting so I washed it and removed any brown leaves and stems..


I used old weathered wood boards to set everything on. The little orange berries are from my sister’s rose bush. She was kind enough to let me clip some off. Everything else was collected outside. I dug the candles out of storage where they were stored from past years. I love the idea that I hardly spent anything for this display. I can’t wait to light the candles!







On to the buffet in the dining area…



In the mirror above you notice the reflection of this..


Any of the orangeish/yellow gourds you see in photos come from the vine growing in our fire pit area that I never planted. A seed washed down into a crevice in the rocks and sprouted, growing a big vine. For awhile I didn’t know what it would produce. I was tickled when these cute gourds started to show up.


I made the fall sign above, using a cabinet door last year.



I had a hard time finding colored leaves so early in the season, but managed to find a few. I will replace them with new ones throughout the season, I’m sure.


I dug out these canvases of the boys in storage. The vibrant fall colored backgrounds are only suitable for this time of the year.


A few years ago I made these burlap pumpkins that you can read about here.


The mantle..



For the garland I used wild honeysuckle. I know the leaves will wilt but I thought I’d give it a shot anyhow. Hopefully the berries will stay on and still give it a fall appeal. I also added a few of the rose bush berries.


I wanted to add a splash of blue so I snipped these off a blooming perennial from my garden. I’m not a  hundred percent sure what it is so I won’t try to name it. :) In the picture they look lavender but in reality they are more blueish.






Now..on to a display on the porch..


If I get the chance, I want to add a sign that says “FALL” or some sort of letters with this display. I feel like it needs something yet.



Now, if only this weather would stay for a good long time.. preferably a few months, then maybe a month of winter (snow and all), and then spring again?  :) I don’t ask for much. :)

Happy fall, you all!