Thursday, September 15, 2016

Chest Makeover


Here’s a quick makeover I want to share with you. A few years ago someone gave this chest to me since they had no more use for it..


I stored it in my furniture pound, as I like to call it and just the other day I dug it out and eyed it, trying to decide what I want to do with it. I turned it on it’s end. Could it be a little cupboard/locker piece?


No, it was too short for a cabinet. It needed to stay on it’s bottom.

I tore off all the trim, since some of it was broken off anyway. I applied a coat of satin, water based white paint.


As it dried, I tried to envision it being anything other than a coffin. It was tough. I knew I would need to add some major details to get it to look like a pleasant piece of furniture.

I casually asked my ten year old, who was in the shop at the time what he thinks this piece will be once I’m done with it. “I’m sure it will be nice once your finished, mom, but right now it kinda looks like a coffin” Sad smile

I applied another coat of paint and sanded it to distress it.

I added gray stripes, using electrical tape since the dollar store was out of masking tape..


I also put caster wheels on the bottom, a handle on the lid, and a French design on the front.

I think that took care of the coffin look. What do you think?




I think this piece would make a great coffee table, bench seat or blanket chest in the bedroom..


I have intentions of selling the piece, but it would also look great in our bedroom. :) If it wasn’t so crowded already I’d probably keep it for a blanket chest.


So again, here is the before and after. It never ceases to amaze me what paint and a few added details can do!



Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Easy DIY Plank Door


I can hardly believe we are in the month of September already! Seriously, where has the summer gone? I think I am still trying to get back into a routine after being on vacation a few weeks ago. Our chalkboard wall reminds us daily that vacation is over. This was how we found it upon coming home (thanks to a creative niece who needed to rub reality in) :/


Before getting into the plank door I made, I need to share with you about the mysterious vine we have growing in our fire pit area. A few months ago I had it in my hand already to pull it, thinking it was a weed, but then noticed it looked different. I let it be and it kept on growing..


Finally, the vine produced it’s fruit..


The cutest little pumpkin/gourds! I probably tossed some back in the woods last fall and a seed managed to wash down to the fire pit area and sprout. How neat is that. :)


I always envisioned how much fun it would be to live in a farmhouse filled with character that farmhouses tend to have.. Old doors, high ceilings, and wide molding. But, I guess I’ll have to settle for the next best thing and add farmhouse touches to the home we have the best I can.

For a few years now I removed a closet door in our entryway area and placed a shelf/bench in it, along with a few hooks and totes. This is what it looked like:


Since this is a catch all space, I began to grow weary of trying to keep it straightened up all the time, so I dug out the original door..


I bought a sheet of quarter inch plywood for around $12, the kind that people use as an under layment on floors. I didn’t take a picture of the one I had gotten, but this image from online is similar..


I cut the plywood in 3 1/4” strips, using the table saw.

Starting in the middle of the door, I glued the strips down, pinning into place, using my air nailer.

I used a nickel to create a space between the strips.


After filling the nail holes with putty and sanding, the door was ready for paint.


I applied three coats of white Do It Best paint/primer in one, using a roller.

I scoured the local antique malls for an antique glass door knob, and finally, after a few weeks a friend of mine found one for around $20.

I had an old knob plate around here from a former door that I used. I didn’t refinish anything on the plate and I’m really impressed with how it blends in with the rest of the colors in our home. I painted the steel part of the knob a color that matched somewhat with the plate and distressed it. The knob is only for looks. I installed a magnetic latch inside the door for closing.


Again the before, and then the after..







I love the door, but of course, being the critic that I am, my eye is always drawn to the ugly thermostat on the wall beside the door. :/

I hope you are inspired to add touches to your home, making it to your taste and spending very little to do it!

Happy end of summer everyone! These days I am posting a lot of summer pictures on my Instagram if you are interested in seeing a last touch of summer.

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Friday, August 19, 2016

August Makeovers


I know it’s been awhile since I posted so I will combine some random things we have had going on that kept me from posting.

So if you are here for the actual makeovers, you may want to scroll down a bit and skip over the following ramblings. :) I will keep some of the pictures smaller so it’s less loading time for you.

As I type, I am 18 floors up on the balcony of an ocean front condo on Myrtle beach. Sound dreamy? Not to rub it in, but it kinda is. :) We’ve had great weather so far and this afternoon we were able to watch a thunderstorm roll in over the ocean, which was awesome. Every now and then, there’s still a rumble of thunder and there’s a light rain falling.

On our way down last week, we spent a few days in Washington DC. I have seriously never in my life seen such a busy place! It was neat to see some of the landmarks and historical places there, but I don’t think I could survive for too long there. We were a little intimidated to use the metro, so we ended up using our vehicle to get from place to place. Probably not the best idea. There is hardly any parking in this place! I will never again look at an empty parking spot the same way.

Ironically, the Cleveland Indians were playing against the Nationals the first day we were there, so hubby got tickets for us to watch the game. I would never reveal how much we had to pay to park :(  I’m not a huge sports fan, so this was a first for me, being at an Indians game.


We kinda stood out with our Indians attire. I was fascinated by the player with the long hair playing left field. He had to be sweltering under those hair since the temperature was in the upper 90s.


The other thing I will always think of when I think of DC is scorching temperatures. I don’t know was it because we were in the middle of a big city that it seemed extra warm, but there wasn’t much of a breeze and it was quite hot.

We walked a lot, or hubby and I did..


The segways were cool until they ran out of battery and had to be carried. :/ Oh, and they weren’t permitted in front of the white house. Our oldest is bragging to people how he had a conversation with one of Obama’s secret service agents. It went like this:

Secret service agent: Sir! You need to get that off the sidewalk.

K: Okay.

End of conversation. :)

I took pictures of landmarks, but I found myself taking pictures of other things that were just as appealing to me. Old buildings..


Cute guys..


Obama’s porch light…


Loved this row of street lamps with the tomb of the unknown in the background…


We walked the streets at night along the beautiful Potomac river…


I felt like a child with a fascination of the jets that came roaring in all the time..


We walked to a remote little island in the middle of the Potomac, called Theodore Roosevelt Island where I was more in my element..



Blue Sky… (capitol building under construction, like most things are in DC)


Arlington Cemetery…





Traffic (a most common sight)…


Now, onward to the beach!…


Balcony View…


So far we saw three weddings from our balcony..


Love beach colors..


Okay.. now for a few makeovers..

I enjoyed restoring this antique Hoosier cabinet a few weeks ago..


Just looking at it, it doesn’t look too bad, but the back needed replacing, along with the bottom and the inside of the lower door. The owners wanted to keep the wood look, but didn’t like the orangish color. Polyshades by Minwax to the rescue!

After sanding and cleaning everything, I applied a coat of polyshades, honey color to it. I’ve mentioned this before, but will again.. Polyshades can be applied over an already stained surface! I’ve never tried going from dark to light and question whether that would work, but it works with a similar shade or darker.


Here is a picture of the inside as I started removing the bottom.

I also gave all the insides two coats of polycrylic. The cabinet had a bad smell and the polycrylic helped with that.

I decided on a naturally finished bead board for the back. It could always be painted to add a little color, but I thought it looked more original to keep the grain showing through.

The finished job..





The other little project I had going on of late was an old, rusty tea cart that had seen its better days..



I took it apart and sanded it down. I was able to get all the rust off of the frame, giving it a nice brushed silver finish.



I gave the trays two coats of Rustoleum paint. (primer and a satin based topcoat)


The drawback of painting outdoors.. :(


The after..



IMG_20160727_142657461    IMG_4627


Have a great weekend everyone! Thanks for visiting!