Saturday, April 2, 2011

Our Home


IMG_1426       IMG_1615      IMG_2041

             My Kitchen Upgrade                                        Dining room makeover                                           Boy Bedroom


IMG_7858       IMG_6214       IMG_5002

                 Patio Makeover                                        A Gray and White Bedroom                                 Staircase Makeover


IMG_4935       IMG_4929       IMG_1076

               Industrial Bedroom                                 Sneak Peek Bedroom Makeover                                 Bathroom Touches


IMG_0879       IMG_05754       IMG_3934

           Cottage Style Bedroom                                      Living Room Touches                                       White and Aqua Kitchen


IMG_2275       IMG_7717[4]       IMG_76884           

                Home Sweet Home                                               My Studio                                            Bedroom Transformation


IMG_5259       IMG_3203       IMG_3215      

          Nautical Themed Bedroom                                  My Little Beach House                                     My Little Beach House 2 


IMG_6011_thumb[1]       IMG_3961_thumb4       IMG_31394  

                   Cafe Espresso                                               Back Deck Spice                                           Living Room Makeover 


IMG_2969[4]       IMG_2583_thumb1[7]       IMG_2573_thumb1   

                My Laundry Room                                    My Country Kitchen Chapter 1                         My Country Kitchen Chapter 2  


IMG_2637       IMG_2601_thumb[1] 

          Our Country Porch Swing                                      Our White Bedroom

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