Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sneak Peek Bedroom Makeover


I really wasn’t going to do this.. offer a sneak peek on this makeover, but I was so excited to share it with you and when I went to take pictures tonight I wasn’t satisfied with the lighting and the way the pictures were turning out, so I thought it’s worth it to wait for daylight hours and get better pics so I could do a better job of showing you what this room has really been going through the past few weeks. (by the way, that was all one sentence!)

I can talk about this now that my son is on his way home from Florida. When he left, about three weeks ago (yes, we miss him) with my parents (he was in good hands) and cousin Emily, I got this wild idea to redo his room while he is gone and surprise him when he comes home.

At the moment, he has no hint and I’m hoping he won’t find any wifi to tap into and see this post! He’s coming home on a big tour bus (Pioneer Trails) and I’m thinking his chances of finding internet are probably pretty slim unless he would happen upon some when they stop for breakfast in the morning. But, oh well, I’ll take the risk.

Here is a before picture of his room a few weeks ago:



Not the best picture but you can probably see it was due for an upgrade. To see more of this room from a few years ago,click here.

Needless to say, we had recently talked about giving this room a makeover so I knew Kenny wouldn’t mind if it got a facelift.

I’ll give you a little glimpse of a few things I used (mostly what we had lying around here) and hopefully I’ll get the actual “revealing” shared with you here in the next few days. Don’t panic when you see some of the materials I used! It did turn out pretty good in the end.






A Pallet…









A clamp light…



Paint of course..!



Can you tell what this is?…



A metal tool chest that used to be bright red…



I know this looks like stuff that belongs in a shop, but I’ve seen some really neat industrial ideas used for decorating a home, and I think mixed with a little vintage it looks pretty charming! Stay tuned for more soon!



  1. That sounds like a great supply list for a boy's room! I am excited to see it :)

  2. believe me, I will stay tuned....