Friday, December 19, 2014

O Lil’ Christmas Tree


This holiday season I’ve been a little obsessed with trees, whether they are made with paper, twigs, or coffee filters. This week I decided to fulfill some of my lil’ tree ideas and display some of them on the shelves of our secretary desk in the living room. To read about the secretary desk makeover, click here.




Before I continue, let me warn you that for some reason these pictures did not turn out the way I wanted. I don’t know is it the gray,dreary days we are having, hence the poor lighting or is it just me not getting my camera to focus right, but to me, they are barely good enough to use, so please bear with me.




The coffee filter tree…




The Christmas wrap tree…




The natural tree (using shrubbery)…






The poster board tree….




The twig tree…




The banner was made using Microsoft word to print out the letters. I printed them onto cardstock and then glued them onto Christmasy gift wrap and strung them with ribbon.


I used poster board to make the coffee filter trees. First I cut out a large circle..




Next I removed a quarter of it..




I then formed a cone with the larger part and taped the edges..



Cutting off sections of the coffee filter, I started at the bottom and layered them, gluing them as I went..





For the natural trees I put some florist foam in the containers and stuck the shrubbery into that. I also added water to hopefully preserve the greens longer.

The twigs were sprayed with snow spray and also stuck into florist foam.

I added a few trees from Wal-mart that I had used last year to fix snow globes.


The nice thing about these trees, or at least the coffee filter and the natural ones, is they can be used year round for decorating. So if I really fall in love with them this winter, I think they will look okay amongst some spring and summer decor… oh, just the thought of spring.. :)

Merry Christmas, everyone!


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