Sunday, August 31, 2014

Secretary Desk Makeover

Secretary desks have always been a popular piece or furniture in the Amish community I come from. I don’t know how it started but for the past generations many parents would present their children with a secretary desk “from home” or so it was said, when a son or daughter got married or moved out and was given various items to make a start with in their new home. Some of the most popular things were bedroom suites, quilts, dishes, hutches, desks and sometimes even a horse and buggy.

So, about ten years ago hubby’s dad decided to get a new secretary desk and we got the chance to have his old one. It was no wonder no one else in the family wanted it, with the ugly yellowish – orangeish color it was.  I really wish I had a picture of it. I did find one online that reminded me a little of it…




It also had a header and glass doors, which I removed.  Smart hubby knew that before the desk could reside in our home, it would need a major makeover. At the time I painted it black and a few years later I added beadboard to the back of the upper part.




Just the other day, I started eyeing the subject and I began to wonder why I haven’t repainted it a long time ago. It stood out amongst all the whites and neutrals of the living room.

I painted the main part a “dove white” and the beadboard and shelves got a coat of “shiloh blue” For now, I’ll leave the wooden handles, since it gives the piece a county look..




I always like to take pictures of new projects through other rooms. I think it’s sometimes a better way of seeing whether everything flows together nicely or not. 










I think it “flows” a lot better like this than when it was black.

The white jars and pitchers were all clear glass that I spray painted white a few years ago. The  “y” I added using carbon paper to transfer, then a black paint marker to color in.

I hope you enjoyed this post and are possibly inspired to redo old, out of style heirlooms instead of storing them. Smile

Happy Labor Day!


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  1. You are a genious with this stuff, I painted a hall mirror white the other day BUT had to talk my best man into this change....Ha I finely said "Mary Yoder's
    hub let's her paint anything she wants" Is that to funny or what!!!!!!???? we really are going to house swap sometime....