Sunday, September 21, 2014

Window Seat Crate

Here is a short post on something I worked on the other day. I have really neglected my blog this summer, due to being busy with garden parties and the usual summer activities that go on. Hopefully I can make up for it this winter since I won’t be doing the parties and have plans to share with you things I will be working on for the vintage sale next June. (it never hurts to work ahead) Smile

  A few years ago I had picked up this old wooden box, or crate at a garage sale…



It sure is nothing fancy but I thought for $4.00, surely I can do something beneficial with it.

First I gave it a coat of white water based paint  I had sitting around here…




I wanted to make a seat with a hinged lid for it so I cut a piece of plywood to fit on top…




I wanted the seat to be padded but I didn’t have a piece of foam on hand. I debated going to an upholstery place to buy a piece, but then some carpet padding in the shop caught my eye that we had left over from the boy’s rooms.

Since it was only an inch thick, I cut three pieces the size of the plywood.




I had recently picked up a piece of outdoor fabric at Zincks, a local fabric outlet store, that I liked and fortunately fit perfectly over the padding and plywood.




After stapling the fabric securely onto the plywood, the seat was complete.

Again, here is the “before”…




And now the “after”…








I also added some old screen door handles to make it look more “benchy.”


I hope I inspired you to think twice before passing by old, junky looking finds and seeing possible potential!


Thanks for visiting, everyone!