Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Junky Finds


I could write a long detailed post on summer. There’s something about summer that is so dreamy to me.

It’s the season that many memories are made. Family memories, walks, the beach, fireflies, fresh fruit, flowers, swings, camping, crickets, sunshine, picnics, I could go on and on…

I’ll save one of my favorites for last… garage sales! There’s nothing more enlightening to me than finding a good bargain! So many times what someone might label as junk is my treasure. I’ve gotten many funny looks as I walk away from a sale with anything from lumber to power saws, to falling apart cabinets, etc. but it makes my day!

Earlier this year, one Friday, my niece and I traveled an hour or so southwest (I think…I’m horrible with directions) and had the best day ever. For me, it was a day filled with beautiful scenery, good chats and great bargains!



A beautiful scene


A good chatter


Great bargains!

More beauty…



Love these old barns…



I had to pose with one… (I don’t chew though!)


A car filled with juicy bargains! At one place I got around a dozen old doors of various sizes for $20.00!



Catherine and I got a case of the giggles as we lugged the rope to the car. (it was kinda heavy and awkward to carry) It was also towards the end of our day when everything is funny.Smile



I was so impressed to pick up six gallons of neutral colored paint for a dollar each!

So far I have used two gallons of the paint and made a few signs with a couple of the doors and the rest is sitting in my corner of the shop where I store all my “treasures.”

When I saw these two doors I knew right away they would end up above the mantle…



Thankfully summer is still not quite over with and hopefully there are a few sales to be hit yet, and if not….there’s always next year!

Happy saling everyone!