Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My little beach house 2

A few years ago I had posted about “my little beach house” which is a little retreat on our property that I gave a major makeover at the time. The past few days I have been adding a few nautical touches to it, just to give it a fresh, new look. To read about the original makeover click here.

Before I proceed, I want to mention a garden tour that took place a few weeks ago here in Holmes County, Ohio. I had promised you I would share a few pictures of that, so if you need some serious garden inspiration click here.

Back to the beach house. I call it that even though it is located beside a pond, but it is as close as I’ll ever get to having a real beach house, I’m sure.




Let me begin by describing the sounds you will hear down here. First of all, there is an indescribable tranquility here like nowhere else. In the springtime the eastern Phoebe’s song will be heard close by since she raises her young in the eave of the cabin faithfully every year. The splash of a fish can be heard year round and during the summer especially, the chorus of frogs, one of my favorite nature sounds. If there is a breeze, you will hear the willow whisper a tune. I could go on and on about the music of nature down here but I imagine you get the drift.

I made a few cushion covers to add to the daybed…






I used the same transfer technique on the fabric as I do for wooden signs. Once again, a French typography caught my eye on “the graphics fairy” website. And once again, I hope it says something pleasant, since I don’t know any French!










I decorated these jars with starfish and hemp. The “sand” is washing soda.




I made these little sail boats with twigs, hot glue and fabric. First I gathered some sticks that reminded me of driftwood..




I drilled a hole into the base and stuck a thinner twig into it…






Next I cut the “sails”…








I’ve always been inspired by a friend’s amazing work where she paints word signs and sells them on etsy. You can find her etsy shop here.  She also paints wooden oars and that’s where I got this idea…




My mom had picked up a drab brown oar for me in a garage sale for a few dollars so I painted & distressed it and thought it would be a neat touch down in the beach house.






I tried, without, too much success to make a rope ball. I thought it would fit to a nautical themed room. For now it will have to do..






Oh, and did I mention there’s now a swing hanging from the willow by the pond? A most relaxing spot…




We’ve had the most amazing summer weather! It’s been beautiful and we get rain quite regularly so nothing is turning brown. Everything still almost looks spring like! My oldest son captured this photo the other evening when we were all cruising some back roads…






I love summer! I hope you are enjoying yours!





  1. Mary so beautiful and your photography is incredible. You have such a Gift!

  2. I LOVE your space!! You are so inspiring!!

  3. Your beach house is so cute and looks like an amazing spot to relax. Love the little sailboats too. The picture your son took is really beautiful too!

  4. What a beautiful house you have! I love how everything was inspired with an all-white, but rustic vibe. Those DIY decor pieces are ingenious. Thank you so much for sharing such wonderful inspirations. Have a fun last summer hurrah!

    Beverly Roberson @Texas Renters

  5. Nice! Adding nautical touches will make its reputation of being a lovely beach house stand out even more. The hammock was definitely a great idea. The view in front is heavenly, and you did an amazing job in decorating those jars with starfish and hemp. I bet all your friends are jealous, Mary! Thanks for sharing!

    John Lambert @ Cape Coral Lots