Friday, January 9, 2015

Industrial Bedroom


I had a sneak peek of my son’s redone bedroom posted a few days ago, so finally here I am now with the real thing!

Kenny was to Florida for a few weeks and while he was gone, I gave his room a face lift, to surprise him and of course, because it’s what I love to do!

This is what the bedroom looked like before the makeover..



And after some paint, conduit, plywood, a pallet, cable, hub caps, and more.. this is the after..









As you can see the headboard is a pallet. It started out looking like this…


To get it to look weathered, I first applied an oil based dark brown stain.


After that was dry, I lightly brushed some white paint over the stain, then some stain again and some gray paint. After playing around with the layers of color, I felt it’s as weathered looking as it’s going to get, without being truly weathered.

Note that before I started, I sanded the wood with a coarse sand paper. I also sanded some in between coats.




After I achieved the color I wanted,  (you can’t go wrong with just keep adding colors until it’s right) I gave the pallet a few coats of polycrylic by minwax.


I used conduit for the curtain rods and electric conduit hangers ( I think that’s what they’re called) to hold the rods..


I was lucky and picked up a few raised panels at a furniture store where I clean. They were going to pitch them since they weren’t of any use, having the middle panel removed. I quickly claimed them and used one for this room. I added the chicken fence for a few dollars and found the cutest little shop clamps, to hang a few pictures…


I knew Kenny probably wanted a place to set his computer and maybe work on homework at times so I made a little industrial table out of plywood and the folding legs of an old table we had sitting out in the shop. I also couldn’t believe it when I found this cute swiveling stool in a local antique Mall for $14.00!


These drawer pulls had to go!…


I replaced them with 6 inch long pieces of cable that I got for a few dollars at the hardware store


So far they are easily staying in place just by sticking them in the holes, but I thought I could always fasten them with a clamp or something if they don’t hold.


Being big Dukes of Hazzard fans, I thought this room would be perfect to display a few autographed pictures of the Dukes..



I think that about covers it. A lot of these items we had lying around, but I did end up buying some of the things, though not spending a lot. The most we spent was the bedding. Besides purchasing a brand new mattress, I got a new comforter and sheet set too.

The walls are a bunch of different grays and some white mixed together, so I can’t tell you the color.

I ended up using a tool chest for the night stand. ( you can see a little of it in the bottom right hand corner) It’s one I painted white a few years ago and had been using in my studio. I thought it goes quite well with the clamp light ..


I’m probably equally impressed with the old hub caps I found discounted at a local antique mall as Kenny is. Love old cars!

Needless to say, Kenny was quite shocked when he walked into his room after being gone for almost three weeks.

Here is pretty well the expression he had when he saw it..


I imagine he will be adding some more of his own touches now and then, but for now I think he will enjoy his “new” room!

Thanks for visiting & good night! ( Or I should probably say good morning) :/ 



  1. It looks great:). I love everything you did. The headboard and license plates are my fav!!!


  2. You are brilliant Mary!! Amazing. Love this so much.

  3. Very nicely done.....your son is indeed happy!!! btw what happened to his curly hair?? Now what could I do with computer parts in my son's room???

  4. Great job. I especially like the old hub caps!