Sunday, November 29, 2015

Dining Room Makeover


I know it’s been a few weeks since I last posted anything on my blog and many of you have been wondering when I’d post about the dining area of “my kitchen upgrade.”

Since our kitchen and dining area are connected, the dining area needed an upgrade also, to flow with the new kitchen look. The aqua colored jelly cupboard clashed terribly with the new vintagey green in the kitchen and I’m slowly eliminating some of the black furniture in our home. In case you missed the kitchen upgrade, you can read about it here.

I had mixed feelings about removing the aqua color in my kitchen. I still love the color and definitely want to add it somewhere in our home. With the newly painted cabinets and countertops in the kitchen, I thought this green simply goes better with everything…


I finished the dining room a week ago and just haven’t gotten around to posting about it until now. As I worked on the dining area, I had a friendly little onlooker outside watching me with beady little eyes.



Here is our dining room a few weeks ago…





Now, the after, and spending nearly nothing!…


I painted the chairs and brought in a farmhouse table from the shop that I had made this summer. I love how the white brightens up the area!

Since it’s that time of year again, the Christmas decorations are presently displayed. I will share a post on that next week.


The feed sack curtains are another story in themselves, so I wrote a separate post on them. You can read about them here. Let’s just say that even though they may not look like it, they were one of the more difficult jobs, physically, that I’ve ever done!

The table is made of old barn wood that I rescued from someone’s trash pile.

The chairs were sprayed with a water based white paint and distressed.



I also made the wood & metal arrow hanging by the shelf, which didn’t go as smoothly as I had hoped. To make matters worse, after finally finishing it and handling it with the utmost care, so it wouldn’t fall apart,(and having a bloody hand from cutting the metal) I found it lying out in the yard! Someone thought this would be a cool arrow to play with. :/



I picked up an old picture similar to this one at a thrift store and turned it into a chalkboard.

old fruit pic


After all these years of painting, I am still amazed at the difference paint can make!




Watch for some thrifty DIY Christmas decoration ideas next week…

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  1. Beautiful! (And I liked the "before" as well) :)

  2. It is refreshing in whites and I really like the shelf display above the double window!

  3. Each time you do a makeover on your home I think.I can't possibly like it better than the last...but I always love it even more...I really need to hire you, lol