Sunday, November 8, 2015

DIY Beaded Raised Panel Kitchen Cabinets


This is one of my favorite makeovers I ever did. I know I’ve said that before, but this has got to be the one!

I turned our, what we call the pantry area of our kitchen, from this:


To this:


A closer look…




So for those of you that wish you had raised panel doors on your kitchen cabinets, wish no longer! I would be quite impressed if the rest of my kitchen looked like this.

Years ago I had crackled these doors and drawers, and in doing so I made it virtually impossible to paint them again. To coat them with paint would only make them crackle again, and if they wouldn’t crackle, the finish would still be uneven and not very smooth. The only fix for this would be to take the doors to a wood shop or to someone with a planer and get them planed, completely removing the finish. I tried sanding them, but that didn’t work. I thought about trying to remove the finish with furniture stripper but had the feeling that the crackling glue would not remove itself easily, even with stripper.

I purchased a roll of paintable wallpaper that looked like beadboard. Thankfully if was 70% off at a local lumber & hardware place! At the same place I got some thin Poplar wood strips. They were three inches wide and I cut them to two and a half. I’m not sure exactly how thick they were, probably not more than an eighth inch.

I cut pieces to fit around the doors. For the drawers I cut them an inch and a half wide, since the drawer fronts are so much smaller.


First I cut the wallpaper to fit the door, and following directions that came with it, I applied it to the door.


It doesn’t look that way on the picture,but I did take it all the way to the edges.


I also sanded the edges of the wood strips.

I then attached them to the door by gluing and pinning with my air pinner.


And, after a few coats of paint they are ready to hang!



I also painted the countertop at the same time. For a tutorial on that, click here.

For the complete kitchen makeover, click here. 

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I am enjoying my “new” kitchen!

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  1. I LOVE your kitchen renovation!!!! I've been agonizing over what color to paint the walls once I paint my cabinets white.... but I'm inspired by your all-white kitchen and using the pops of color instead of colored wall paint!

    Couple questions about your cabinet re-do:
    Did you paint over the wallpaper as well as the wood edges?
    Did you caulk or fill the outer and inner edges of the wood strips, where they meet the door and the wallpaper?

    Is there anything you'd do different if you were planning to do your whole kitchen like this? (Which I'm planning to do!)
    Do you think the wallpaper is durable for the rest of the kitchen? Or should I buy the actual sheets of beadboard instead if using it on frequently-used cabinets?

    1. Sounds exciting, your cabinet renovation you want to do! Yes, I painted the wallpaper, along with the wood strips. I didn't caulk anything. So far this has held up really well, but I'm almost thinking I would go with thin beadboard if I'd do this in my main kitchen. The wallpaper is a little soft to the touch and I think it could dent or tear with a lot of use. It works perfectly for the area I have it, since the cupboards don't get as much wear and tear. Also, the wallpaper is pretty pricey. (though I got mine on sale) I'm thinking a thin beadboard might not be that much more, price wise. Good luck with this all! Sorry I didn't answer sooner... I had taken a little blog break. :-)

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  3. Hi Mary,Its a really awesome tutorial.Thank you for sharing with all us.You explained details step by step.I want to make a kitchen cabinets from some days ago but I don't it for guideline.Now I understand how to make it.I have a question to you, paintable wallpaper is the best for kitchen cabinets? I have thought before read your article grey is the best color for kitchen cabinets.But now it seems to me white is the best.

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  5. I love the idea of using beadboard wallpaper and wood strip(s) on cabinets and drawers. Refacing kitchen cabinets can be very pricey yet this not only cut the price in half (or more) off the cost to reface cabinets but it looks this idea!!!...I am very inspired and will look to recreate in my kitchen...thank you Mary