Sunday, August 5, 2012

Café Espresso


One of the greatest things happened to me a few weeks ago… the paint at Ormes hardware got marked down to $3.99 a gallon!! They told me Do It Best came out with a paint n primer in one and therefore is discontinuing the original paint. (which I did think what if you actually don’t need a primer and are paying for one…) But anyway, I ended up getting about 10 gallons of paint! (I can always get them tinted later, thankfully!) Oh, and the only sheen they had for that price was their washable flat…so if you’re anti flat paint this would not be so exciting to you. I need to paint all our ceilings throughout the house and for me it’s so much easier to do walls too while I’m at it anyway and then of course, with that price I couldn’t resist! Some of our kitchen walls were a rusty red which always kind of bothered me because when I picked out the color I thought it would be a more red. After painting the walls with a color called stolen kiss, I fixed up the area by the beams with a café look…




I hand painted a sign using Microsoft word and transferred with carbon paper. I also added a few more things I had around here…


For this box I simply used Microsoft word to design a little café looking rectangle and printed it out. I used a glue stick to paste it on the box. (not sure how long it’ll last but thought I’ll give it a shot) The jars are actual coffee jars that used to come with coffee in them. I wish the old labels would still be on them!


I’m sure I’ll keep my eyes peeled for any old looking café décor in the future. For now I just used what I had which is nothing too great but it’ll work for the time being.


I’m always up for any ideas from you all so feel free to share! Thanks for visiting my blog!

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