Friday, December 28, 2012

My Studio


I am so thankful for the three rooms we have upstairs! The boys each have their room and the third room I claimed as my studio. It’s where I sew, craft, paint, scrapbook,etc. It still has the old linoleum that we eventually want to replace with something else, but for now it will have to do. When we moved into our house, all the trim, doors, etc. was stained oak and little by little I painted it. I think I have now officially gotten rid of all the orange in our house! The upstairs was the first paint project I tackled when we moved here. I think it took me a whole week to paint all the trim, doors, etc.! The past few years I had some red in the studio and recently I’ve been really attracted to whites and I thought that would be a nice bright color to work in. This is what the studio looked like before…



Now, after some paint and redecorating…



I confess to stealing this tool chest out of the garage. it was that bright red color  that most of those tool boxes are. I spray painted it white and added little labels on the drawers so I know what’s in them.


I bought these canvas storage totes at TJ Max for eight dollars each. I added the numbers using carbon paper to transfer the letters and a sharpie marker to paint them…



A few years ago, John and I made this desk/shelf combo. We used 3/8th inch plywood and spent only a total of $60.00! (paint&everything)


Love antiques!


One of my favorite spaces and it didn’t cost a cent! (just an old door and saw horses)



I love to use jars to store my things…




These clipboards cost only cents at Walmart. I covered them with a vintage looking drawer liner.


I couldn’t resist these little cuties! (Target, $0.50 each!)



This counter is on casters and used to be twice as wide. At one point over moving, we took the top off and cut it in half for easier mobility. The past years I had the two parts together and had it in the middle of the room where I used it to cut fabric. When we were Amish, I of course, made all our clothes. This was a very convenient space to unroll bolts of fabric and cut out dresses and trousers. Now, I moved the other half down to the basement canning kitchen to be used as an island. I hired my poor niece to help me move it desperately one day. I admit I am a very impulsive, often impatient person and when I get the urge to do something it usually has to happen now! Needless to say, these cabinets are very heavy and I am quite proud of Catherine (my niece) to be brave enough to help me lug the other half down two flights of stairs!


I saved a lot of space by putting the sewing machine in the closet and since the cherry color doesn’t match with anything else in the studio it works out great to just shut the closet doors…

So there, you have a tour of my studio…it’s still not totally where I want it to be but for now it will certainly do…

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  1. I came here through your visit to my blog! Thanks for leaving a link! And wow, what a studio!! I only DREAM of such a thing. :) A place to create and craft with space to do it and not have to clean up after myself every time! Your creativity is wonderful - using the old jars, the tool case, THE OLD DOOR AND SAWHORSES!! So so great! Happy crafting! :)

  2. Love this "Studio" room, I use our 3rd bedroom/office for scrapbooking etc. and usually have to somewhat clean up after a week of adventure, Blog on, Mary, you are a delight...