Friday, December 14, 2012

Kitchen Chair Makeover

Recently I have been doing some furniture make overs for people that I will share with you. So before you get rid of discolored, orangish oak furniture, consider giving it a new life simply by painting it. Here is a before shot of the chairs I redid:


Here they are still the original finish, which for some reason on a lot of older oak I work with, turns sticky. The owner of these had a hard time cleaning them since they were so sticky.

I used a rough sand paper on my electric sander and sanded them a little, not completely taking the finish off, just getting them a little more dull and removing any dirt.



After painting them with a black, painter & primer in one (I used my air sprayer) I distressed the edges. It’s always a good idea to distress furniture like this since it’s quite likely that some paint will come off over the years. That way it will just look like it’s supposed to be off.

For the final step here, I applied a coat of Polyurtherene, which will help with the wear and tear. I applied this with a brush.




The seats of these chairs got two coats of Polyurtherene, making them smoother. After the first coat was dry, I used a small piece of cardboard to sand and then applied the second coat.

So now the chairs are easy to clean, with a nice, smooth finish. And since most of the kitchen that they reside in is stained oak, the chairs give it a nice break!


  1. Mary, they look so much better painted black. I have that identical youth chair, I have two in fact. They were my boys, they want me to keep them for their kids. Beautiful job! Dee from My Painted Stuff

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