Thursday, December 21, 2017

DIY Topiary Tree

Hi everyone! I have to share a quick tutorial on these little topiary trees I am making for table centerpieces at a family Christmas gathering. I know this is very last minute to be in time for Christmas, but I know some family Christmas celebrations aren’t until after the 25th, so maybe this can be of help for someone, or if you are just looking for cute little holiday decoration to be had, this might work!

I came across a similar topiary tree on Pinterest and don’t have the link, but I know it was Stonegable’s blog where she also shared a tutorial on making one.

So, here goes..

I bought all my supplies at Pat Catans. I was shopping for decor for two long, 20’ tables and like I usually do, I gravitated toward earthy, natural things..


First I used wicker balls and sprayed them with snow spray.



I then stuck fake boxwood sprigs into the ball, gluing some of them down.



I then went outside and collected Hydrangea stems ..



I had some foam that I cut into chunks to put into the cups..



I stuck the Hydrangea sticks into the balls and glued the ends to hold.

After adding little foam ornaments and giving the “tree” another coat of snow spray, it was done!


I added shredded “snow” to the cup, along with a few foam ornaments..



I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial and are inspired to make some yourself!

Merry Christmas!!


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