Monday, April 18, 2016

Vintage Wedding Decorations


Last month I had the privilege of decorating a wedding for a friend. I was basically turned loose on doing all of the decor, which made it all the more enjoyable. The style was to be vintagey, right up my alley. :)

I got to do the flowers for the bridle table, guest tables, and the basket hanging between the handle bars of a vintage bike. All went well if you discount the fact that I somehow managed to snip off a little chunk of my finger while cutting baby’s breath. :( My main concern at that time was to not add any red touches among all the pure whites and pale pinks. Let’s just say the band aid box is empty in the first aid kit at the church where the wedding was. :\

But, all that put aside, everything went great! In fact it was probably one of my favorite ventures, decorating wise.

Following is a picture tour, along with brief descriptions every now and then.. I wasn’t able to take the amount of pictures I would have liked (partly due to holding a blood soaked paper towel in one hand at all times) :( so my friend kindly allowed me to use some of the professional photographer’s images.

 Small Moments Photography (Vironica Horst) took the pictures and she did a great job! The photos that aren’t watermarked are the ones Vironica took.

First, the lovely bride & groom…:)



The only decoration on the bridal table was a lot of painted bottles and jars with one or two pale pink roses in them.

Behind the table were panels that I made and had used in the past as room dividers. Hanging in the center of the panels was a rustic sign and a string of lights.. all very simple!






The centerpieces for the guest tables consisted of a wooden square of wood, with the word Love transferred onto them. I used parchment paper for the transferring.

On the piece of wood where three jars, the largest being a pickle jar that I spiced up a little by adding a vintage looking wire&wood handle. They held floating candles.

The medium sized jars, which held white Hydrangeas, were a variety of different types of jars. Anything from antique milk jugs to wine bottles were used. I designed a vintagey looking label to dress them up a bit. I attached the label using hot glue.

The third jar was a pint jar, holding fake pink flowers.





I also sprinkled flower petals around the jars.




The guest sign in area…


I added a few pictures of the couple in an old window frame.







I made the flowers in the cage using coffee filters and food coloring.

The sanctuary was decorated with swags of white tulle, ribbon and flowers. Also present was the arbor that I made to use in events such as these. is a great place to order real looking, fake flowers. The garland that adorns the arbor was made there.








If you are interested or know of anyone that is in renting any of these props or decorations, let me know! In the future, I want to create a blog post or facebook page of details, such as pricing, along with pictures on what all I have available to rent out.

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse of vintage wedding charm and are inspired to perhaps create your own when the need arises.

Happy spring,everyone!




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