Sunday, April 24, 2016

Makeover Monday 1


Earlier this year I decided I would start painting again for people for at least a year and I’ve been blessed with tons of work, almost too much, to be truthful! But I’ve really enjoyed it too. I love giving a new look to something, whether it be a room,cupboards, or a piece of furniture.

I want to start posting some of my projects every Monday, so you can possibly be inspired to dig out an old piece of furniture that you have almost given up on, and turn it into a treasure! A lot can be done with paint and a little bit of creative thinking!

Following are two pieces that I redid for a client this past week. I don’t even like using the word “client” because I spent a few weeks at this persons house and we became friends. :) This family amazes me. They have five adorable children and she home schools three of them, plus prepares food, does laundry, cleans, etc…you get the picture. They also have 30 laying hens and they make their own maple syrup. I’m sure there’s much more that I don’t know about that they do, but I was truly inspired. This friend has so much patience. (something I sadly lack most of the time) :/ Oh, and she makes the best shakes, something I got to sample almost every day for two weeks!

Anyway, the first piece here is a book shelf.






I sprayed an adhesive on the back, after it was painted, and glued old maps onto the wood.



The next piece is a chest of drawers that needed a makeover..







I painted and distressed the piece and put contact paper on the raised panels. I used newspaper to cut out a pattern for this. I spray painted the locks and hardware with a hammered silver paint.



I hope you enjoyed this “Makeover Monday” post and are inspired to give a facelift to a piece of furniture. (or bring it to me) Smile

Have a great week everyone!!


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