Thursday, September 17, 2015

Greenleaf Gardens


My face in the sun, my hands in the earth, is therapy for my soul


I am excited to share with you my sister’s gardens and her growing business selling perennials! What a joy it is to do what you love and provide a little income on the side doing it!

My sister and I both share the love of gardening, though I consider her to be the expert when it comes to gardening. She knows the names of all her perennials and knows what they like. She has the knack to make her gardens appealing all year long…


Marlenes gardens

Earlier this year she opened an Etsy Shop called Greanleaf Gardens where you can buy perennial starts. Click here to take a tour of her shop.

Fall is a great time to transplant perennials. She will have her shop open for a few more weeks, so if your looking to buy healthy, bare root plants, her shop will be the perfect place!


My sister has mostly shade beds and she has a variety of different types of plants such as Japanese Anemone, Lungwort and Brunnera, just to name a few.

Pictures hardly do justice to her gardens but perhaps you can get a glimpse of some of them…









You will find meandering paths, arbors covered in vines and little sitting areas throughout her gardens.


IMG_3707 aa








Butterflies and bees are in paradise in my sister’s gardens.






Rocks play an essential part in creating a natural look in a wooded setting.


trimmed sweet woodruff aa




Like my sister’s facebook page and follow her on pinterest to see more gardening beauty!

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  1. I may just buy a few Japanese Anemone from your sister! We noticed those at Stan Hywet the other day! I LOVE white flowers in shade, so it sounds perfect for my gardens! Thanks for sharing :)