Sunday, February 14, 2016

Oh Boy! The Blue-faced Zombie


We have quite a unique little critter that roams about our house. He’s about 60” inches tall and hardly ever wears a shirt or socks, even in the dead of winter. He has selective hearing, as his kind is known to have. He will go from being extremely loud and vocal to being quiet as a mouse, especially if his face has a blue tint. (this is also when the hearing loss kicks in) The best word to describe this critter, unfortunately, is a zombie.

When I use the term “zombie” I’m not referring to the evil looking zombies that have five eyes and three horns. The zombie I’m referring to is actually pretty cute and sweet looking, minus the blue-faced tint. He is capable of mastering any video games and usually comes out a winner. He will loose track of all time when his face is blue. The biggest challenge with this zombie is enforcing those “screen limits” as we call them.


Here he is wearing geekish sunglasses and a shirt… for some reason. :/

We have at times taken the gadgets completely away, but they always end up making their way back into the hands of the zombie. Part of me doesn’t have the heart to completely ban the gadgets, since it would be like taking away my favorite hobbies. (we all have our things we love to do!)

I have at times, joined in and played some of the games with him, but I just can’t stay that dedicated.

Now, here’s the ugly.. a few months ago little zombie really messed up. I thought if I share this with you maybe it will prevent anything like this from happening to you. (or maybe you all don’t have zombie issues like we do)

First of all, jumping subjects here, I need to put a good word in for Google play store. If it wasn’t for the goodness and understanding of the guy I spoke with on the phone a few months back, I’m not sure where I would be today. (or the zombie) Surprised smile 

Let’s just say that upon receiving the monthly bank statement and seeing the charge from the Google play store, that it nearly knocked me to the ground! It wasn’t just a hundred. Or two hundred. Okay, you get the point.

To make a long story short, the poor little zombie was punished the old fashioned way. :/ Although I think he really had no concept of what happened every time he bought those golden coins, he still needed to have some sort of punishment to help him remember so it wouldn’t happen again.

Oh, and there’s a box that you can check on the google play store account that makes sure you need to put in passwords every time you purchase something. This box was unchecked, so some of this was our own fault, but it’s fixed now!

Needless to say, I don’t believe this will happen again, and like mentioned above we did get most of our money back, thanks to Google play store!

And today the little zombie still roams about. It’s the times that he comes around and says “mom, you are the best mom in the whole world,” or the little parodies he will sing about me, that I know he’s actually not completely zombie-minded. Smile




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