Thursday, February 18, 2016

February Projects


To me, February is the winter month where tiny signs of the coming spring reveal themselves. I am always tuned into this since I am so ready for spring come November February already!

This year has been no exception. The days are a little longer, the woodpeckers are drumming and the birds are singing a little more. The sun seems to provide more warmth. We hear the Barred and Great horned owls. The other evening as I stepped outside a bit, I heard a coyote howl back in the woods! I had never heard one before here at home! It may not be a sign of the approaching spring season, but it was very neat! Oh, and I smelled a skunk the other night, which may be a sign of spring since I think they hibernate a spell.

So all these little signs put a spark in my days. I love the nature God gives us to enjoy!

We got our first real snow this week. It was a clingy snow, which was beautiful! Pictures can hardly justify the beauty of it, but here are a few of the many I took..






I am also having a different kind of fun these days. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to decorate a  friends wedding, which is coming up in March.

I’ve told hubby already that I would want to marry him again, just to be able to decorate a wedding! Surprised smile Of course, I’m just kidding, but there’s just so many neat stuff now a days to decorate with. Plus, having married Amish, we were somewhat limited to the amount of glitz we could put into wedding decorations. It was still one of the best days of my life, so I guess that all really doesn’t matter! We were married just the same.

So the wedding I’m decorating is kind of my “fix,” so to speak. The bride to be told me I can decorate with whatever I want. We have the same taste when it comes to style, so this isn’t hard for me. I am going with a shabby chic, vintagey and yet elegant theme. Light pink and white are the main colors.

Weathered wood and old bottles will be some of the main decorations. Following is a little glimpse of what I’m working on.






Thirty-seven of these square pieces of wood are being worked on…Surprised smile



I’m shopping in thrift stores and antique malls for a lot of the bottles and vases. Stay tuned for the transformation of these ugly, dirty vases!

Some of the stuff I’m working on may become available to rent for those of you needing props and decorations for your wedding.

Stay tuned for the complete wedding come mid March!

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