Monday, September 9, 2013

A Little Chair Makeover


I thought about calling this post “Hurricane Irene chairs” but figured it wouldn’t really make sense to anyone but my oldest son and myself.

The chairs were spotted in the middle of hurricane Irene in New Jersey a few years ago. Hubby, the boys and me had traveled out there to pick up a lift and ended up driving through some of Irene. Upon stopping at a gas station my son and I ran through torrents of rain to use the restroom and through squinted eyes I spotted these two little chairs in a dumpster as we splashed by…


Once in the gas station I informed my son he would pause with me by the dumpster as we ran out and possibly help me carry something wooden I had spotted. (running past, I hadn’t made out the chairs for sure…just spotted a possible treasureSmile)

As he began telling me how embarrassing this would be and in the middle of a hurricane at that, I pretended not to hear and grabbed his hand as we darted outside.

Needless to say, these cute little chairs ended up on my “someday treasures” pile in our shop. Now, a few years later here they are…




Presently, they reside in my “shed” where I sell some of the things I make…


So if you would like to own the “hurricane Irene” chairs, why not schedule a garden party. (read about that here:

Who knows, maybe they will still be here waiting for you! Smile

Have a good one!

- Mary


  1. Love the chairs! Are you selling the chest of drawers beside them?

    1. The chest of drawers is sold... sorry!

  2. So cute Mary! Love them, Dee from My Painted Stuff

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  4. Such a great story! I tried to use it to show my hubby that this is how we ALL think, not just me, lol.... unfortunately I'm not sure that he understands it still!