Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hutch Makeover


A week ago I had posted a some before pictures of a hutch I’ve been working on…




Now, after some black paint from ORMES hardware (black leather; Do It Best paint/primer in one), A cream colored paint (darling dove), a little bit of distressing and some Minwax Polyurtherene it’s looking quite different!




I didn’t bother with too many decorations to take these pics and the background is in our drab basement so I imagine what a beauty this piece will be once it is displayed in the owner’s home!

A few more things I did with it…

bottom hutch

top hutch

They owners ordered a new maple top that I stained with a dark walnut stain and gave a few coats of polyurtherene.



This hutch was handed down a few generations so not only is it a nice antique but holds many family memories, I’m thinking.



I removed the glass from the doors to paint. I didn’t quite dare to try and remove the “curls” or “waves” on the doors but wished that I could wish them straight.Smile



The hardware I believe was purchased at Keim Lumber, a local hardware/ lumber store.


It seems I always have some furniture sitting in our basement waiting for a new look. I don’t nearly post everything but try to once in a while. Next up I will share some of the deChristmasizing (wow, am I getting a red line for that oneSmile) that I’m doing around here. Watch for my shadowbox I made for a mere $10.00!

Have a great weekend! Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Wow, painting it really updated the look! Beautiful job, Dee from My Painted Stuff