Monday, June 17, 2013

Dining Set Makeover


One of my favorite places to shop is garage sales. There’s no better place to snag a treasure for a good price. I love coming home with the truck loaded to the brim with junk goodies.  Recently, I garage saled in the quaint little town of Baltic, Ohio where I hit a sale that was right up my alley. The friendly people said they buy storage units (one of my many dreams) and sell the stuff that’s in the units. I should have taken pictures of all the bargains I found at that one sale. I found anything from linens to furniture and even some shop tools. I think the folks thought I was a little “off” with some of the things I got. I even bought an old section of a kitchen cabinet for three dollars! The guy was almost apologetic how ugly the thing looked but I reassured him that I don’t makes it all the more fun to turn it into something beautiful! Even after I had loaded most of the stuff, I kept finding more. I could hardly leave! Hopefully in the future I will get around to sharing some of the things with you.

My parents had been looking for a dining set at the time and I ended up finding one there for a good price. It seemed sturdy enough but needed a fresh look.




I was instantly attracted to the detailing on the chairs. I love the antique look.

The table top really needed help and we ended up stripping it. Not the most fun job to do but I felt with the wear and tear a tabletop gets it should be totally redone. It got a fresh coat of dark walnut stain and three coats of polycrylic. The rest I used my sprayer and painted with Do It Best paint and primer in one. The color is darling dove. (an off white shade)

After applying the paint and distressing it a bit, I gave it a coat of polycrylic, also found at the local Ormes hardware. I did the distressing while the paint was still wet, using a damp cloth to wipe off here and there, bringing the original dark brown out. Mom and I picked out some fabric at a local fabric outlet for a little over six dollars. We also got upholstery batting at the same place to make new cushions. This is how it turned out…












I was so impressed with the age of the wood, it actually crackled in areas when painted. It gave it a nice old looking effect.




So the next time you hit a garage sale, never overlook what may seem like “junk” at first, but instead imagine what could be done with it to give it a new “life!”

Have a great week! Thanks for visiting!


  1. The dining set is so beautiful! Job well done. I love your blog, I get so many ideas from you!