Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Pumpkin Snowmen


The other day when I started taking down the fall decorations, I had a hard time pitching some of the pumpkins, the little white ones especially, are a favorite of mine.

When I had originally bought them back in September, I soaked them in bleach water, because I read somewhere that it will keep them from rotting as soon. They are still in mint condition, whether it’s from the bleach water or not, I don’t know.


The cute little things are now reincarnated into snowmen form…


This wasn’t hard to do and didn’t take long at all. I just glued the pumpkins together with hot glue and added eyes, a nose,a scarf, arms and a hat. This was all glued on also.


So far the guy with the blue hat had one nasty tumble where he lost his head,eyes,nose and cap.Sad smile

I debated whether I would fix him up again and decided to do so when I saw the look of horror on my son’s face. No one was around when the accident happened so he must have shifted a bit on his own. Smile


So think twice before getting rid of pumpkins that are still in good shape. Remember, they can even be painted if they aren’t the right color!