Saturday, December 5, 2015

Christmas Boxwood


I like nothing better than to use natural greens from my gardens or the woods surrounding our home for decorating purposes, so here’s a short post on a simple DIY Christmas decoration using some of mother earth’s greenery.

For this project I used Boxwood sprigs, but I imagine you could use other greens too.


I bought a pack of florist foam at Wal-mart for a few dollars. (the kind that can be made wet)

I soaked a piece in water, completely submerged for five minutes or so, then set it on a plate.


I cut the corners of the foam after I took the picture, so it would have more of a cone shape.

Next, I stuck the boxwood sprigs in, close enough together so you can’t see the foam.



I wanted to add a wintery look so I sprayed the greenery with an adhesive and sprinkled fake snow on it. The fake snow comes from Pat Catans. I love using it for wintery decorations… it looks very authentic!

IMG_1747          IMG_1748







I hope you are all enjoying this holiday season & have a blessed weekend!



  1. Oh that turned out so pretty! Before I read your tutorial I thought that it was a live boxwood in a pot. I like how you added the fake snow so pretty. I need to plant me more evergreen shrubs, and Rosemary. So I can use trimmings to decorate. The woman we bought the house from planted mostly crape myrtle and roses. So I'm still working on planting a variety of perennials, need to add evergreens as well. Thanks for sharing! Pinning and sharing!

  2. Once again I love,love the tree and also the snowmen you created....You are a gift to my soul...
    sounds a little "shmutsee". that's really not a word, ha but you know what I mean