Saturday, November 23, 2013

Christmas Project 1 – Snow Globes


Yep, it’s that time of year again… time to remove the fall decorations (decorations that are changing from orange & yellow to brown… and losing shape)





A quick gardening tip: (which you may already know) I like to store my mums indoors somewhere in a cool dry place over winter. Come spring, they will sometimes grow out and can be planted in your flower bed. They will have a better root system for the next winter, thus giving them a better chance at surviving cold Ohio winters.

Anyway, putting away fall décor means digging out the Christmas decorations. I always like to make some of my own holiday decorations. It’s thrifty and fun! Today I got the urge to create some snow globes using various sized jars I had around here…


Fake snow…


Little trees from Walmart… I think these could be made using brushes (I think I’ve seen it on Pinterest) I didn’t pay a lot for them $0.75 – $2.00…


My trusty glue gun and also the lids for the jars. I did end up painting some of the lids white…


First I glues the trees to the lids. I tried to use the larger trees for the larger jars…


After putting some “snow” in the jars, they were ready for the trees..



I made sure to coat the sides with snow to make it look nice and glittery..




Seeing these makes me want to ( as the boys would say) shrink, and walk into the jars. I can almost hear boots crunching in the snow and feel snowflakes blowing against my face. Smile



I think these will be part of the mantle display this winter. Now for a nice natural, evergreen garland to go with them…a Monday project, maybe?

Check back for more Christmas crafting in the next week or so!



  1. NOw isn't this the cutest thing!! So easy and darling! Looking forward to more later. =)

  2. I love Porch Swings! Very relaxing...

  3. I was curious how you coated the sides of the jars with the snow? These are so pretty!!