Saturday, September 22, 2012

Simple Quilt set tutorial

When I redid my son’s bedroom I got so tired of searching for that perfect quilt and finally I decided to make one. We wanted to have a nautical theme for his room and I was looking for a twin sized quilt that had grays and whites and maybe some blue in it. The closest one I found that was what I wanted was a duvet cover from Pottery Barn…
Of course, I really didn’t want to spend that much money and it didn’t have quite the colors that I wanted so I made a trip to a local fabric outlet store and picked out the colors that I wanted…
I also got some thread (just the regular kind),some thin cotton batting, and white fabric for the back.
After cutting random sized strips (anywhere from 2” to 51/2”, I sewed them together. I didn’t follow any certain pattern when deciding what color to put next.
After I had the right size for a twin bed I put the white backing on the floor and the cotton batting on top of that. I then put the pieced quilt top on the batting and pinned everything together. Then I tried something I never did before..I quilted it on my sewing machine! To some of you that’s probably not a big deal but I grew up amish and we always quilted by hand…not my favorite thing to do! It worked great on the sewing machine and I would definitely do it again. After binding it, this is how it turned out…
Not the best picture, but you can kind of see how it turned out. Now, the sham… I also cut different sized strips of fabric and sewed together. I followed the same steps as the quilt and then I wanted to personalize it. I printed out the lettering I wanted from my computer and transferred it using carbon paper…
IMG_6422         IMG_6423
IMG_6424         IMG_6425
After I cut them out I sewed them onto an iron on interfacing and cut around that.

    Now they were ready to iron on. I made so
    they would end up on a light colored fabric
    making them show up more.

Now for a matching lamp shade and picture frame…
This was the shade before that I got at a thrift store…
You can’t tell so well in the picture but it is an ugly tan with gold trimming. I didn’t get a picture of the lamp which was a rich yellow color. I spray painted that with white paint. I gave $2.00 for it.
Again, I cut strips of fabric and sewed an iron on on the backs…
I then proceeded to iron the fabric onto the shade. I covered my hand that was in the shade with fabric so I wouldn’t burn myself…
I let the top and bottom fabrics stick out a half inch over the shade. I then used a fabric glue to glue and iron.
For the picture frame, I just covered it with one of the fabrics and stapled to hold..
A thrift store find for a quarter.
Great results for not a lot of money and time!

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