Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My Free Day


I love blogging but at times I think who would at all be interested in seeing projects I have going on? At times I’m afraid it appears as though I’m flaunting my things I redo or create. I never mean it in this way! I feel stuff I do, anyone could. What keeps me going here is my interest in seeing other people’s creations and things THEY do and then share it on a blog or pinterest, etc. So hopefully I can inspire like I’ve been inspired!


Last week I had a “free” day that I didn’t really have a single thing that HAD to be done and no place I really needed to go. This doesn’t happen often enough! Being a mom, of course I had some basic things going on; meals, laundry, etc. but I felt a wild urge to go out in the shop where I keep most of my assortment of things I want to eventually redo and rummage about. Some of the things I collect hubs will roll his eyes and ask “when are you going to use that?” I reassure him someday I’ll be glad it’s there, even if it’s a few years later!


As I dug around, this is what I found:



2 old dirty drawers



A worn mirror with little drawers & hooks



An old sewing machine cabinet



A small folding table


After a little sanding, painting, and stenciling later…




I thought the drawers would make lovely flower boxes…




For the sewing machine cabinet, I removed the fold out wing and used it as the top.. I thought about refinishing the top and making it darker but thought this will have to do..




The mirror got a few coats of chalkboard paint and the frame & drawers a coat of cream colored paint that hubs brought home from work for me.Smile




I’ll save my favorite for last… All these items will be sold & I’m almost hoping no one will take this little table! It would go well in our living room… I have a little folding table already that I use in the living room or I would probably hang on to this one…








I got the design from The Graphics Fairy . Love that site!


I hope you enjoyed my free day as much as I did! Thanks for visiting and the kind comments you guys leave!


  1. I want you to know I love the projects and ideas you post about! It really is inspiring so don't stop :) Those drawers are my favorite, probably because I also have old drawers stored away and want to repurpose them someday! Hurray for free days!

  2. Wow you have amazing talent !!!

  3. Love!! I painted my first piece of furniture the other week and absolutely loved it. I'll put it on my blog. Got a few pieces in the basement I want to do eventually.