Sunday, September 25, 2011

Garden Music

When we moved here I started dreaming about water gardens and the musical sound of water trickling. We live in a very rocky area which has its pros and cons. It’s nice having endless stones to landscape with but not so nice when it comes to planting trees or doing any digging. We are also blessed with natural springs in this area. Our water supply is all spring water. ( the best drinking water! ) The pond pictured below is the over flow of our cistern. It has created a habitat for numerous frogs, including a few pickerel frogs. ( cute, spotty little critters )

007 - Copy




The pond in the backyard I made a few years ago. It took a lot of digging, a little stonescaping, and is now home also to numerous frogs, a couple of gold fish, a water lily and some baby blue gill the boys brought up from the big pond. Starting out it looked like this:

before pond 1 

Not a good picture but this is where I wanted the pond to be.

before pond2


Now it’s dug out and the liner put in. The water that flows through this pond comes from a spring on up the hill in the woods. I had a hard time convincing Jon that this would work. I had remembered as a child that there was always a decent spring up there. In fact, we would drink from it all the time while playing in the woods as children. ( my sister and I ) Finally, a few years ago, I dug a trench where the spring came out of the ground and laid a pipe in it. Sure enough water collected and hubby was convinced! He helped me to haul gravel up to the ditch and the rest was pretty well up to me. I stuck some pipes together and guided them down the hill to an old steel pipe that I had sticking out of a pile of rocks. ( it’s supposed to look like it comes right there out of the ground )



You can’t tell very well in the photo but the water runs into a stone that we carved out and turned into a little basin of sorts. From there I dug a shallow ditch to get the pipe under the walking path and from there it flows off a rock into the pond – making that beautiful music that can be heard throughout our house… what a blessing!






The little red shed Jon made for the boys to use as a play house and after a year or so of getting no attention ( guess boys don’t play with little houses ) I decided to store my gardening pots and tools in. Don’t know how I ever did without!

John also made a green house shed for me a few years ago. I still haven’t gotten around to decorating it like I want to eventually but I’ve had great success in starting some of my annuals in it. It sure saves money when you can start your own plants.

summer 2010 042

    100_1238     001

    003     IMG_2328


More blooms…









We found this little cutie hanging on the screen door one evening this summer. How beautiful all those little critters sound singing together in harmony!


How awesome is it that we can bring those sweet outdoor scents inside to enjoy!

I hope all you garden lovers enjoy the rest of our fall season as the leaves turn brilliant colors of orange, red and yellow, the fresh smell of autumn is in the air and jack frost paints our landscape with sparkles of white now and then…

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  1. Visiting this site was such an up lifting and inspiring experience. Thank you for sharing your vision and hard work. You are truely a care giver to both land and people.