Friday, June 2, 2017

Antique Chest Makeover

Once in awhile I will go to an estate auction, and every time I do, I think never again. First of all, it’s so hard to find a good bargain. I feel auctions are over rated in our area and that’s what makes it difficult to snag a good deal. After battling crowds of people and barely being able to see through all the sea of old men in overalls, the item is sold. And the few times I manage to make myself noticed and actually buy something, I can feel funny looks as I hold up my buyers number. I’m sure they’re all thinking what ever will she do with that piece of junk? After all, the things I buy usually look like junk, since that’s all I can afford. But, really, I don’t care as long as the bargain is worth it.

So it was that last Fall, I did manage to snag this old chest for a few dollars..


I was fairly rough looking, with pieces of the molding falling off. I removed it all and made quite the mess while doing it, but it needed to come off..


I sanded everything really well and gave it two coats of Spectral colored paint. I love how natural wood and white look together, so I left the lid the natural wood color. I also added a few words of inspiration on the front. So, here is the after…


Looks pretty different, doesn’t it?


Definitely worth the overalls, pot bellies, and funny looks. :)


I decided to do the letters in gold paint instead of my usual black.


Again, loving the combination of natural wood and white.

This piece will be at the vintage fair, so if you need a coffee table or a seat with a bit of character, this may be for you! Hope to see you there!

~ Mary


  1. Mary, it's beautiful. I love the natural wood top and the gold lettering. The gold is softer and prettier than black. I know what you mean about auctions. I grew up going to auctions and still try to make it to a few each year. It certainly takes patience too. Chances are those "old men" are mostly there to socialize so just say excuse me and make your way up front. That's what I do. I bought an old wood tool tote for a dollar once and a man ask me, what are you going to do with that? I said, plant flowers in it and he replied, great idea. The Vintage Fair sounds like fun. Enjoy it.