Thursday, June 22, 2017

Repurposed Headboard

I’ve been doing a lot of furniture makeovers this spring, mostly in preparation for the Vintage Fair on Saturday. I always try to take before pictures of the pieces, but I admit I don’t get nearly all of it posted to my blog. This one I want to share because it is one of my favorite pieces.

It started out as an old head and foot board of a full sized bed..


Unfortunately I didn’t take pictures as I worked on the project, so I will explain a little on what I did.

I cut the footboard into two pieces, making so that the pieces were the correct depth for a bench. I usually don’t go for an exact measurement, I just eye it to make sure it looks okay.

I cut some of the post or leg length off, since the back would have been too high, had I left it.

After I had the correct size on everything, I fastened the sides using glue and screws, but before I did that, the headboard crashed to the floor, landing on top of my skilsaw. One of the back panels was split and broken. :( I was pretty bummed, since there was hardly a flaw on this piece before this happened. I debated trying to fix it with wood putty, but it was torn up too much and I knew I had to come up with something else. So.. I  cut a thin piece of plywood to fit into the broken panel to cover up the split. It ended up matching the wood seat and looked pretty good.

The final result..



I used my Sihouette Cameo to make the Abraham Lincoln quote, a favorite of mine..


Another angle..


I think this bench would look great on a porch, or as an entryway bench. It will be available to buy on Saturday at the fair, along with the flowers!

Happy Thursday, everyone!


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  1. It's beautiful! Love the mix of painted and unpainted. I've always loved that quote also.