Friday, May 20, 2016

Makeover Monday 5


We have a local thrift store that just recently moved to a new location across the street from where they were. The day I stopped in was their grand opening day, which I hadn’t realized when I turned into their parking lot. I soon found out. After finally managing to find a parking spot, I hesitantly walked in. I have never seen a thrift store so full of people! I almost walked right back out but my curiosity drove me on. Some of the aisles literally had a line you had to stand in to walk through. Anyway, I did find some great bargains so it was well worth the chaos.

I found this coffee table and instantly claimed it.


I wasn’t fond of the basket weave drawers, so I tore that off, along with the trim around them.


I made my own chalk paint for this piece. I used un-sanded grout to make it.

If you have my book, you will find the recipe in there, along with two other recipes using plaster of paris and calcium carbonate.

I gave the table two coats of chalk paint and topped it with a new product I absolutely love called bowling alley wax.


I also covered the drawer fronts with contact paper and trimmed them with thin strips of wood.

Here is the after..



I love how smooth the surface feels with the wax on it.


Again the before and after..



Never overlook an ugly old piece of furniture. It may have potential!

This table will also be at the vintage fair, as will most of the makeovers I have been posting.

Happy Monday!


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