Monday, May 9, 2016

Makeover Monday 3


I thought since we’re in this beautiful season of spring, I will share a few snapshots I took of God’s beautiful creation showing off it’s spring colors.

My sister has these awesome flowerbeds filled with perennials of all sorts, rocks and other natural things. The one I’m featuring today is located on a slope, so low growing plants, such as Ajuga, Sweet Woodruff, Hostas and Forget me nots, just to name a few, look great in it.




I had a curious little critter posing for me while I was taking the pictures. :)



Don’t you love the color combination? My sister sells her plants on Etsy. You can visit her shop here.

Now, on to a makeover..

A few weeks ago I spent a number of days painting wainscoating, trim, doors and walls in a home. This can be quite time consuming, but well worth it.

All of the trim,wainscoating and doors are oak and had turned orangish in color. I applied three coats of Do It Best paint/primer in one on these surfaces. Everything was painted white but the kitchen wainscoating and a small hall vanity was painted gray. I will have more on the kitchen later this year since I will possibly be painting the kitchen cabinets too.

For now, here are a few before and after pics..







A few Mondays ago I had posted some furniture makeovers here. One of the pieces, a chest of drawers, resides in this home..


The blue wall color is called Mystic, by Do It Best.

I loved this little plant that was fixed up by the ten year old daughter that lives here.



I didn’t get very many pictures, but you can tell what a difference once again that paint can make in a home!Have a great week, everyone!


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