Saturday, May 14, 2016

Makeover Monday 4


I am becoming so excited for the Walnut Creek Vintage Fair 2016! It will be held on June 25th from 7-4 in the parking lot of Walnut Creek Furniture. This year they are planning on having all the vendors under a big tent, which I’m so excited about! For those of you that remember how last year’s fair day ended up being the most rainy day of the summer, this is certainly a great thing. No more wading through mud and water with umbrellas bumping against things. For the vendors, no more collapsing tents and the worry of things being ruined or blowing away!

My days until the 25th will be filled with doing one of my favorite things.. creating and repurposing! Finally I’m all caught up with paint jobs and am free to wander through the shop thinking of what I’m in the mood to work on in preparation for the vintage fair.

Following are a few pictures of my booth in 2014 and 2015.

Sunny 2014…



Rainy 2015…

IMG_7076  IMG_7083

IMG_7079  IMG_7108

Of course you can’t tell by the pictures above what all was going on outside the tent, but trust me, it was a bit nightmarish!

Now, on to the Monday makeover..

I picked up this little black end table at a thrift store..


First I painted the top white..


As I waited for the top to dry, I printed out a design I liked from google images to make some stencils with..


I cut out two of them so I could dry one, while using the other.

I eyed the top of the table to find the middle and began there.


I used a gray color to fill in the design. I moved the stencils from one end to the next so I wouldn’t be working on wet paint. I also turned a fan on the paint so it would dry more quickly.

After painting the rest of the table in gray, it was done!

The after..





This little table will be sold at the vintage fair, so would it look good in your house? :)

Happy Monday!


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