Saturday, May 6, 2017

Springtime Blooms


Whether it be a colorful bloom or

a sprig of green grass,

it will bring cheer into ones heart,

reminding us what the dawn of spring

will bring forth.


Okay, I’m not a poet by any means, but isn’t this true? There’s nothing more cheerful than a fresh bouquet of flowers on the table or mantle. In the spring time I always vow I will keep all my vases filled with bouquets of lovely blooms through out the growing season, but of course I don’t always get it done.

The last several weeks we have been blessed with trees and shrubs just bursting forth in blooms, so I did manage to bring a few of them inside for all to enjoy..




The above blooms are from a wild apple tree in a nearby field. My son and I went for a walk one day and discovered this tree that was extra full of blooms. It seemed like we were in another world as we walked underneath all the pink and white flowers. I think my love of nature does rub off a little on the boys because the youngest still talks about that magical place. You can’t see the blooms in the picture, but this is what I found when I caught up to him..:)


The same boy brought me these flowers recently, all fixed in a jar..


I was quite impressed. I told him he’s much better at fixing bouquets than I am. I heard him rushing about, going through the cupboards, looking for a jar, all in under a minute, and bam, a bouquet was created. :)

I cut off some Dogwood blooms for the mantle..



The old window sign on the wall is something that will possibly be sold at the vintage fair this year. I thought I’d use it until then for a mantle decoration. I made it using my Silhouette Cameo. I’m still planning to eventually post a little more about that amazing machine and some tips I’ve learned along the way, and am still learning. :)

I also have an idea for the fireplace wall that will hopefully happen sometime this summer. I haven’t run it by hubby yet, but will soon. I’ll probably start out by mentioning something major of an idea I have, like knocking out a few walls, or adding an addition to the house, then I’ll say or we could just go for installing shiplap on the fireplace wall…? Worst case scenario first, then the actual idea will seem so minor. Winking smile No, really I kid about it.  We are usually on the same page with projects, thankfully! He likes a new look too.


I hope you all are enjoying this spring!




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