Sunday, November 13, 2016

Makeover Monday – Chest of Drawers


It’s been awhile since I posted a Monday makeover and I apologize for that. I had some other things going on lately and since the weather turned cooler, I haven’t been able to paint outside with my sprayer as much.

Before I begin, let me fuss a bit about the absolutely gorgeous Fall we are having! Colors are extra vibrant this year and the weather has been so pleasant! Sure, I will always love the lazy days of summer the best, but there’s something about Fall that just holds me in awe..


I love it that I can look out a window anywhere in our home and see such amazing colors!



Porcelain Berry Vines offer such a treat for birds this time of year and into the winter.


Now, on to the makeover..

I was asked by a friend to be a vendor in a local fair fundraiser coming up December 17th, so I’m trying to make and repurpose things for that, the last while.

Christmas Extravaganza

For those of you who have visited my booth during the spring time Walnut Creek Vintage Fair, my space in this event will have similar things, but on a much smaller scale. For someone who is used to a 10’x30’ booth, going to an 8’ table is almost a challenge!

I was told I could probably fit in a few smaller pieces of furniture, behind my table, so I was tickled to find this chest of drawers for a good price at a local thrift store. I am hoping it’s small enough to fit the space. Here is how it looked when I got it..



Definitely in need of some TLC.

First I wiped it down with Krudkutter..


I then applied two coats of white paint, using my sprayer.

I wanted to do something exciting with the drawer fronts and was impressed to find a craft paper in Walmart (new item) that worked perfectly to apply to the fronts, using an adhesive spray.

I didn’t take any pictures while doing this, but It wasn’t hard to do. I just cut the paper the right size for the drawer fronts, sprayed the backs and applied them.

Again, here is the before picture, followed by the after..




They don’t pop out as much in the picture, but I found these adorable glass knobs, also in Walmart that I thought fit in with the look.



If you think this piece would look good in your home, mark your calendar for Dec. 17th and come out and see me at Zincks Inn in Berlin!

Have a great week, everyone!!


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