Friday, July 31, 2015

DIY Pallet Sofa


Pallet wood is one of my favorite types of wood to work with. I literally cringe when I see people burn pallets!

Recently I have been working on fixing up the area below our deck, and knew we wouldn’t be able to afford new patio furniture so I set out to make some. I ended up spending nothing on the wood, since it was just from pallets that I rescued from someone’s trash pile.

The main expense was the foam for the cushions. I purchased that at a local buggy shop where they sell sheets of various foam.

A friend from church who has a wicker furniture business kindly gave me some used Sunbrella covers that she didn’t need anymore.

I had made the sofa the size to fit five of Wal-mart’s outdoor cushion covers, so now the ones I got don’t fit perfectly, but it will work, especially since they were free!Smile I would advise anyone making a piece of furniture to get the cushions first!

The first step in making this piece was of course taking the pallets apart. After that, I basically just laid out the 2x4s to get my ell shaped sofa…





I used the cracks in the cement to make sure everything was even.



I then glued and screwed the ends together.



I cut a 2x4 in half length wise and used those pieces as a holder for the seat.


I also glued and screwed those on.

I used 2x4s, also from the pallets for the legs and arms. I kept the seat around 14” off the ground.


The frame got a few coats of white paint.

It was ready for cushions.

This guy had a lot of fun with the foam…



Now the end result!…


A very relaxing “garden room” to sit and chat!

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