Sunday, September 17, 2017

Paint and Glaze Nightstand Makeover

Happy Monday, everyone! This is a very short post on two nightstands I painted last week..

Hubby found these for a reasonable price at a garage sale he went past a few weeks ago. (he knows my heart :) )



As you can see, they are in very good shape, they just need some paint in my opinion.:)

I gave them a coat of white Do It Best brand paint in satin. I applied this with my sprayer.

After that was nice and dry, I glazed them. I used Valspar’s antiquing wax.


I used a bristle brush to brush it onto the stand, one section at a time, and rubbed it off with a rag. Since these stands have a lot of extra moldings, it gave the wax a place to settle in, adding character. I also applied the antiquing wax to the tops and didn’t wipe it off. It gave them a nice dark color and still allowed the grain of the wood to show through..




Little miss Pebbles always knows when to show her sweet self, even if it’s in a photo bomb form. :)


I painted both stands the same so they would make a nice match for a bedroom or living room. They will be available in the up coming Holiday Farmhouse Show by Walnut Creek Vintage Fair.

I’ve also been working some on scrolls, which I plan to have at the fair, weather permitting.




I hope you all have a great week! Thanks for visiting my blog!



  1. Do you sand your furniture before applying the paint?

    1. Sometimes I do if it's extra smooth or glossy and needs a little roughening up, but for these nightstands I just used a liquid sandpaper..You apply it with a rag and it gets all the dirt off, plus it deglosses it too..The product I use is called Krud Kutter. I think Walmart may have it, but I usually get it at my local hardware.