Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Pallet Beach Sign


Happy New year, everyone! We are having typical Ohio weather these days.. foggy, rainy and upcoming cold fronts in the forecast. One word describes most winter days in Ohio.. Gray.



Now and then there’s a sunshiny day, but not very often.

I want to share an easy project with you that I made this past Fall. I didn’t spend a dime on making it, only some time. The only materials involved were an old pallet and twigs. I did use a little bit of paint, staples, glue and a clear spray paint, so I guess there was a small expense involved, but for me, I always have those items on hand so it seems like I’m not spending anything.


I tore the pallet apart and cut all the boards the same length. I applied three coats of white paint to the boards. The paint I used was my go-to paint, Ormes hardware’s Do It Best paint/primer in one paint. I sanded between coats to get a nice, smooth finish.

Next, I gathered various sizes of twigs that had most of the bark gone and soaked them in hot water with some washing soda for about an hour.


I scrubbed them with a brush to remove any bark and dirt.

I put them on a towel to dry.


I then put them in the oven for around an hour at 150 degrees.


They got all driftwoody, which was exactly the look I wanted. I loved how they looked beside another project I had going on..


Natural wood and white does something to me. My heart actually skips a beat when I see it together, seriously. :)

I then proceeded to make a crab out of the twigs. I cut some of them with pruners and some I was able to break to the right size. I lay everything down on the pallet wood, which I had since fastened together to make one large piece of wood. After I liked the shape of the crab, I glued the twigs down, piece by piece. Some of the larger ones I pinned down with my trusty air nailer.


After everything was securely fastened, I sprayed the wood evenly with a coat of clear spray paint. (Rustoleum brand)

The sign was a gift to my niece, who has a beach themed room…


I always like to walk into her room. It almost feels like I’m at the ocean!



I’m already thinking of a sign I’d want to make for our home to hang above the mantle in the living room. I want to use natural twigs and white pallet boards, but I’m not sure of the shape yet.


On another note, I did some wall art on our chalk board wall the other day. I came across this quote and knew it was the perfect definition of Home..


Isn’t it true? :)

I hope everyone is having a blessed New Year!

Thanks for visiting!


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