Monday, October 17, 2016

Deer Sign Tutorial


I can hardly believe that I’m sitting outside in the dark on October 17th, typing this blog post! It’s a very pleasant 71 degrees,with a slight breeze going, and crickets singing on high. What awesome weather we are having!

Last week I made a sign that someone ordered for her boyfriend, who is a hunter.

I haven’t shared a sign tutorial in a while so I thought I would share this one.

It started out as a plain piece of maple wood..


I applied a dark stain, using a bristle brush. I rubbed some of the stain off before it dried, using an old t-shirt. I did this in sections.

After the stain was dry, I sanded the piece, to get the color a little lighter. I planned to use black paint for the letters that would go over the stain and wanted that to show up.


IMG_6234   IMG_6237

                       Before sanding                                                             After sanding


Next I found a silhouette of a deer that I downloaded and enlarged, using Microsoft Office Word. I played around with it until I had it the size I wanted. It ended up being six pieces of paper.

I taped it together and cut it out. This was my stencil. 



I used double stick tape to tape it down and since I used my sprayer to apply the paint, I put stones along the edges of the deer so the paint wouldn’t creep underneath the stencil.



I then sanded the sign, especially around the edges.


Next I was ready to print out the letters. I played around until I had the right size. The font style I used is called Segoe Print.



I taped down all the letters and measured everything, to make sure I spaced it evenly.

I traced the letters using carbon paper to transfer.



I used yellow carbon paper for the letters that were on the stained part. It showed up much better than the black.



Before painting the letters, I stood back and eyed the sign, making sure everything looked evenly spaced. 


I used a paint marker to color the letters.


And the final result..



Of all the techniques I have used in making signs, this is still the one that will turn out best for me. It takes a little more time, but it is usually worth it!

I hope you are all having a lovely fall. Thanks for visiting!



  1. Hi Mary! I wud love to try this..I only have Microsoft word on my laptop though and can't figure out how to enlarge a photo to print on more than one page like that ..any advice? Thanks! -Katrina

  2. So happy with how it looks.It turned out perfect:) Thanks again Mary,you did a great job!