Thursday, August 13, 2015

Old Door Headboard


If you are looking for a headboard that is low cost and that I believe will be in style for years, you may want to start eying old doors. They can be found in antique malls, auctions, or if you’re lucky like I was, just finding someone who wants to get rid of them.

For a headboard, you want to choose a door with symmetrical raises. They can be a bit challenging to find at times, but not impossible.

Sometimes, as was the case with mine, you will need to cut them down a bit to even up the raises.





For years we had an old door headboard and I just recently sold it (with mixed feelings). When I redid the bedroom earlier this year I saw how much more room we would have in our bedroom if I removed he headboard. You can read about that makeover here. Our bed is king sized, so the door I used was perfect for that.

 Just recently someone ordered a headboard just like ours so I made another one. I used the last door that I have from the collection that came from hubby’s home farmhouse.

After taking about four inches off the bottom, adding a 2x4 on the top as a header, and attaching the “legs” it was ready for a coat of paint. Since the door was black already, I just needed to paint the header and legs.




A close up on how I attached the legs…








And after two coats of white satin based paint and some distressing…




I didn’t drill any holes in the legs of this headboard since I wasn’t sure how the frame of the bed is where it’s going, but for ours, it wasn’t hard to fasten it to our metal frame.

I know there are other ways of using doors for headboards, but for me, this worked great!

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