Saturday, October 6, 2012

Tool Shelf to Kitchen Buffet


A few weeks ago a lady told me about an old wooden tool shelf/bench her husband has in his shop to store his shop tools, etc. She wondered what I thought about the idea of turning it into a buffet of sorts for her kitchen. I, of course, was all for it! This is what it looked like after she took the pressure washer and removed all of the years worth of grease and dirt of all sorts…



I loved everything about it before I even started…look at all that character!

And this is how it turned out…





First, I gave it a coat of flat red paint…


I always like trying out new things with paint and this piece I did a little differently from the usual. I didn’t bother painting every little partition red since I wouldn’t be distressing in those areas. Next I applied black semi gloss paint…


I didn’t give it a full coverage so the red would show through. I also used a wet rag to rub off the edges.

It’s always worth it to look at every old piece of furniture anywhere and think of the potential it could have!




Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting!