Saturday, February 18, 2012

Little Spaces


I’ve been so busy painting for people that I haven’t had much time to spend in the shop. That all should change soon since I’m planning on taking off from painting for a while. The other day I did have a free day that the boys were both in school and I kept seeing this empty space in the kitchen that I thought needs a little something.






I’ve also been wanting to add curtains on the windows around the table so I set to work to try and spruce things up a bit. I made a little table that is just right to use for the computer.




The old window and stool I found at a local antique mall. (window- $1.00 and the stool- $9.00) The one pane in the window was missing so I added a corkboard and the other one I painted with chalkboard paint. I painted the stool a dark brown and distressed it.




I even got a little help with the table!



After giving the table a coat of off white paint, I rubbed some dark brown on it and wiped off giving it an aged look. I also sanded the edges before applying the dark brown. After the paint dried I gave it a coat of varnish.

Now the curtains…



I bought this fabric at a local outlet store for $5.95 a yard. I got two yards and had plenty left over. I’ve never been too much of a curtain person but so far I’ve liked the look in the kitchen. I thought with the curtains and a rug beneath the table it completes the dining area.



This rug comes from one of my favorite stores in Berlin – Olde Thyme Country store.


The center piece now ( which gets changed quite a lot ) is a lantern from P. Graham Dunn. I can’t remember where I got the berries. The mirror comes from Walmart.

These days I am really battling with spring fever…after all, it’s just around the corner!! I spend a lot of time doing this.….




It’s free to dream!

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